~Evanescence ~



I had waited long for you

I burned my soul in fire

The fire of love and passion

This glows for you, day and night


You hear the whisper of your mind

Murdered my heart, killed my pride

I fright, but I tried,

I cried, but I tried,

But it does not make things alright


I put my soul in the fire

Keeping all the love aside

I may seem alive but I m dead inside

I am taking my soul to the sky


One day, you will feel the heat

One day, you will cry

You will hear my whisper

Insane you will cry


I will disappear

Like a smoke, I will fade

Like an ash, I will leave no Trace



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  8. Loved the irony of the verse. Specially your closing lines jumped out at me, and I quote,

    “…..I will disappear
    Like a smoke, I will fade
    Like an ash, I will leave no Trace.”

    Do I sense an urge to hurt, to hit back, to become a martyr while doing this?


    • Thanks for liking it Mr.Shakti Ghosal,

      I really don’t know what it is.. i felt it yesterday and i write it down. I have never written any poem or verse in English before. This just happens..

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