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Hidden behind the screen.

Hidden behind the screen.

Sitting in a busy restaurant with all my attention on my sweet kids, and their naughtiness I randomly checked my surroundings and saw my hubby busy in mobile phone, then few other tables, most of the people with families or without families were busy in the same activity.

I felt lil bad, and I said to Hubby: Are you doing something important?

He said: No just …..

I said: hmmm …….

Laughing of my children bring my nerves back to normal and I get back to the lighter mood, they are my energy boosters, my power bank 🙂

Food served after few minutes and we had a lovely yummy EID dinner together.



Now the question is, all the people who were using cell phones while sitting with family or friends, on the same table and as per my thinking they were absolutely there to enjoy and spend some quality time together?

Then why they need this cell phone?

Are we so much tired of talking and sharing to HUMANS? Oh let’s say, human around you, MOTHER, FATHER, SISTER, BROTHER, SPOUSE, CHILDREN, OKAY USING JUST ONE WORD —FAMILY!!!!!

And speaking before anything more let me make myself very clear, I am not against cyber world friends or relations , I know and I believe that good people are everywhere , I have so many friends also ,but What I am trying to say is ;


We must understand the values and emotions of people around you specially your family.

Well, this is where we stand today, we know the pain, problems, hobbies, future plans, daily routine of our friends and colleagues but we don’t know WHAT IS GOING ON IN YOUR OWN HOME. We spend whole day  with them and then after coming back to home we are still busy in chatting with them , liking their posts on FB , sharing stuff on whtsapp, and your parents, your grandparents , your life partner are waiting for your time.


In my country where we live in joint families, Parents and siblings are all living under the same roof, and still we don’t have time for each other? We are so much indulged in this social media and cyber relations, thanks to FACEBOOK, WHTSAPP and easy mobile phone internet packages and rates.








Thinking, thinking and thinking …

Yes the only reason I understand is , It’s always easy to express feeling to unknown and to the person who is not directly linked to you , because he responds you comfortably even for the blunders you make, and he can give you advises and encouraged you and SHUTDOWN the window. TING TONG BYE BYE.

And when it comes to family you are afraid of REACTION.

Afraid of Anger, sadness, tears, you are afraid that you can’t break your family trust, you can’t show them that you are depressed, broken , can’t move on … You are just afraid of MIXTURE of reactions which could possibly occur.


They are always there for you, good or bad, but they are with you .They deserve you and your deepest feelings, your time, your tears and smiles they deserve everything that belongs to you.


Have faith on your loved ones. Trust them!

You will be happy and peaceful if you treasure them RIGHT NOW.

TODAY they are here with you, who knows what tomorrow brings or takes!


FAMILIES deserve respect and love.

And on lighter note ..


May ALLAH bless us all and our loved ones. ameen



Moments(Acceptance/ denial) !

Moments(Acceptance/ denial) !


Some moments are very rare, sudden and precious!

Like right now 12:37 AM, I was in bed few minutes ago, sleepy and tired and then suddenly I just wanted to speak out my heart, Sleep gone, and my eyes are wide open, brain is supplying currents to neurons on quite a good rate. (I AM GLAD TO FEEL LIKE WRITING AFTER A LONG TIME).

Coming back to rare and sudden moments, and this time I am talking about VERY PRECIOUS ONE.

I am a very average Human being when it comes to religion.

Months passed by and I don’t even open the holy book “QURAN” and then those moments when I am attracted to the book and I desperately start reading.

There are times when I don’t even notice that I didn’t offer a single prayer in a day, and there are times when I just leave everything and rush to pray; Leaving a prayer is like A BIG NO then, not because I think of SIN and all, it’s like meeting someone who really cares for you like a mother or like boosting my energy level giving you courage to move in life at your best.

I know what my religion says, Obligations, sins, rules, principals, everything! I know what is heaven for and what is hell!

But still ……

I, not only me most of us do a lot in our daily routine, family, jobs, social circle, hobbies, etc etc , even if we are tired , still we do for the sake of relationships, for earning good money, for making our life’s better, more luxurious and comfortable , but when it comes to Allah we give excuses for our basic religious practices.

May be because ALLAH can forgive you and MAN cannot.


How natural this saying is, very close to human nature, supporting and giving preference to humanity. Love and kindness for mankind! Not only Muslims, the whole MANKIND regardless of religion.

Allah is the most kind, and YES for people like me this is the way of finding peace. (Or a GOOD EXCUSE to satisfy ourselves)

Whatever it is, the feeling of knowing,acceptance and denying, the presence or absence, whatever is the reason I just ask Allah for MERCY and peace for every single person on this globe.

I don’t know how many people of different religion gone through this feeling but I am sure I am not the only one. 🙂



I am Still here !


imstill her

Sometimes I get brainstormed so much with the same thought again and again, I caught myself thinking it and realizing it so much intensely that it speeds up my heart beat and make me hard to breath.


This life will end any time, any coming second will be my last one may be while writing this or may be any other day but its following me and I am getting close to it every single second, This is the fact and the biggest reality of our life, DEATH.


This thought overcome to every other thing I have in life or everything that I wanted to do and planning.


I speak to myself,


Why are you doing?


What for ?




many other haunted questions ……. it is like never ending quest between me and my brain.


ME ?? I think, “ME” is my heart.


Yes! It is my heart which pushes me to life every time Brain scares me by showing bitter facts (REALITY) of life.


Heart ; innocent and very naughty at least mine is. If i am smiling and living it’s my heart that drags me. It is my heart that makes me believe that life is beautiful and YOU ARE STILL HERE, You are here and you need to live life until the time comes and then you have to live another life , you will just transfer from HERE to somewhere else.


Somewhere else, where life will be immortal and your final destiny will be like you wanted, If you live here happily, honestly and more humanly then you don’t have to be sad or feared.


This is my heart which is giving me energy to live for what will come anytime, so I will not regret and get pain forever.


Live life , more happily, more sincerely with every single relation you have and duty you are doing, More patiently , Spread love and peace, because YOU ARE STILL HERE, make your life beautiful so that when the death angel came he will not scare you. He will pull you and you will smile , ready to move to another cloud , somewhere else !






Lost Innocence


Last Night I experienced a really different me, or it’s better to say that I find myself in the situation where I see a totally different ME.

I love children, I love to see them playing and asking questions , crying for toys and candies, in short I just love children, but Last night 3 kids (4-5 year old) irritates me madly by their acts.

It left so many questions in my mind.

This is what happens…

I was sitting with my family in a park, when they suddenly appeared and ask for my son bicycle and sits on it without permission and ran away, then try to grab snacks from my hand which I gave them because I want to get rid of them, but they just took the cycle and food, continuously laughing and playing with each other, not bothering that they have someone else cycle and they did not even took permission. Again they came and ask for food, I don’t know why but I suddenly lost my temper, I just forget that they are kids, and said to my husband “ Just get rid of them now and take back the cycle”, My tone of speaking was a surprise for him and he gets annoyed and said “They are just kids,what is wrong with you?” But, I can’t see kids  I just see few ill mannered people in their kid bodies , Bothering everyone in the park. My husband patience and reply makes me feel more terrible that may be I am unnecessarily getting angry.

I left the place and start walking with my kids; I was thinking, thinking and just thinking …

Those kids were very poor and they surely don’t have any facility in their house, but where is their INNOCENCE?  , which at least I can’t see?

May be I am getting rude to those kids?

Or maybe I m not as kind as I think I am,

May be I don’t love any kid apart from my own?

May be I am a mean person?

I have no fear of Allah and I am just getting mad on people he creates? (most terrible thought)

In short, I was sad and confused!

After many thoughts and arguments with myself, I realized what make me annoyed were their acts. The way they talk and behave was not childish for me at all, it is more like gangster.I realized, that those kids were treated by life harshly, my opinion, I don’t know if I am right or not, but they just brought up like that obviously by their parents, and they just lost their innocence somewhere to soon, or maybe they belong to a family where acting like this is a normal behavior.

Child without innocence is just like a grown up person who is treating life in the same way like life treats him. I feel that, without innocence and positive brought up child is not a child any more,their soul and mind are way too big than their bodies and in this particular case they grown up fast and negatively.

Age is just a number, the only thing which makes you dear and near to people is right and positive attitude, one could be still loved as a child if the soul is innocent and pure, whatever is the age. On the other hand, a child can lost all his childhood beauty and charm because of their negative behavior which is definitely because of family and many more aspects which are need to be addressed.
I just wonder, what my readers feel about this. I feel bad for myself, as being so inpatient and confused, I feel sad for those kids , A child don’t deserve such a cruel life but Allah knows better. And Yes I feel great for people like my husband , who remain kind with every single child no matter how terrible they are, whoever they are and whatever they do. Such people are a true blessing of Allah indeed.

May Allah show me and all of you a right and true path for dealing life. Ameen

May Allah bless you all and your loved ones, Ameen



Dreams to Reality Anniversary!


Today its my blog Anniversary 🙂

Its been 6 Years now, since I joined WordPress.


Back in 2008 , I was single, living with my parents and was working as a Microbiologist, that time was so busy , Job, home and then little surfing on internet . I hardly got time to read or write anything.

Then in 2013, September after quitting my job, I thought of this place again, or it is more better to say My blog calls me once again. This time I am happily married, living in a joint family and more free than before.

And now, in 2014, I am enjoying by seeing my blog growing, growing slow but steady. I have so many new friends and new ways to express myself and many issues regarding, Society , culture, Religion , Families etc etc. As the time passes by I am more into writing and reading, some of my readers here says, I write by heart and in simple words, and this is what I also feel. Being a Pakistani my mother tongue is Urdu and English is my second language. I am not so good in vocabulary and grammar , but I know enough to express what I feel. Do you agree ??

I believe that , words straight from heart can touch anyone soul, and then the positive and negative reaction occurs depending upon the soul itself.

I have a lovely time here so far and I see a great future ahead. InshaAllah.

May Allah bless all of my readers, ameen



Sunshine Award



Thank you so much Nicole@ http://nicolesloanswriting.com/2014/01/09/awards/ and Aisha @ http://aishasoasis.wordpress.com/about/ for nominating me this award on the same day. I am glad that you both find something good enough in my Blog due to which I am today writing this Post

The rules for this award are as follows:

Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
List 11 facts about YOU!
Nominate 10 other blogs to receive the award.
Announce the nominations to the nominees.

Facts about me:

1.      It is always very hard for me to write about myself

2.      An artist is hidden in me:P

3.      I hate to iron my clothes which I have to wear at home.

4.      I love cheese

5.      I love chocolate

6.      I love fast food ( arrrr … pardon me I really don’t know what to write about myself) 😀

7.      I love to travel

8.      I hate winters because it brings so much problems for me.. Flu, cough and swallowed fingers.

9.      I can’t watch TV right now because this stupid extension lead is fused.

10.  I am LEO

11.  My husband is also LEO

 Here are 10 nominees:

http://dougdoeslife.com/ He is a nice person with a nice super monkey. I like his Blog and friendly nature.

http://emiliopasquale.wordpress.com/. For wonderful photos which I enjoyed.

http://hastywords.wordpress.com/ . I like her writing style.

http://mommaroars.com , The way she introduces herself and her family is amazing I like her Blog.

http://kingpollux.wordpress.com He is a new friend but very humble and friendly. I like his work.

http://www.robsreallife.com , for her reviews, photos and other posts.

http://adicanada.wordpress.com/ , I just love his Blog tagline. “God is great, beer is good, people are crazy”

 http://vandachittenden.wordpress.com -for her photography.

http://waldina.com/, for his honesty and straight forwardness.

Congratulation to all , please accept and receive this award. I will be Glad.

And Thank you again Nicole and Aisha



Women in East : One Perspective !




We Women!!

We born, we live a life under the warm shelter of our parents, they raise us, feed us, educate us, prepare us for the one big thing which we are unaware of but they start thinking of it as soon as they know they are going to have a baby girl, as soon as they first hold us, when we take our first step, when we say our first word and when we step into adulthood, their worries grow as we grow.

Each one of us experiences the stories of our mother, How she grew up, how she help her mother in household chores and cooking in very early age, how she sew cloths and never misbehaved or disobeyed. All of these stories are the daily doses whenever we neglect or miss any duty assigned to us. Our Mothers tell us stories of their leaving the home, living without parents and siblings, living for their respect, living for husband happiness, living for in laws happiness, how they sacrificed, how they ease every one’s pain, how they supported their husband and family. They portray an ART MOVIE in our minds and we women think feels and grow up.

We grow up with dreams, with love, with stories, some of them makes us feel love all around the atmosphere, it’s like hearing sweet bells ringing with a magical fragrance around us, making us fly high up in the sky with all of the love and happiness and sometime the stories open that chapter of the book which is not understandable like a riddle, like a puzzle, un-solved, a mystery.

We grow up, we complete the training and now it’s time to take exam, Self taken test (Love) or Surprise test (Arranged), whatever the kind of exam it is, we women have the final tip/guidance/suggestion/ and prays by our parents, to stay happy and make your home like we did, be patient and ignore little things which might hurt or confuse you, you are going to a new place, adopt them, everyone will love you and will help you, our blessing are with you, do not let us down, make us proud…and they say good bye with tears, with worries of our future, they send us to a brand new home with all the training and guidance which they have been doing since our birth.

And on next step, we are in a whole new world, we look around like a rat coming out from his house, or rabbit who is trying to be safe from all the danger, we step in the new life, with new EVERYTHING, even the NEW US !

For some of us, the training with stories works really well, for some average or less than average and for some they don’t work at all. Whatever the case one thing is common, WE ARE ALL STUCK UP! In fantasy, happiness, discovering, building up new relations, making them happy and proving ourselves a RIGHT CHOICE for all of them. Very right choice, indeed.

We women find this chapter of our life differently, we feel differently, we manage it differently, we react differently but all of us die to share this with our parents, especially with the chief instructor OUR MOTHER.

Mothers also react differently, some says keep following my training and tips even if they don’t work in your exam, some says NO, stop and change the rule accordingly, and some says I don’t know what to do? Because she, herself has been a confused wife till now. Some says to handle the situation by you.

In all the cases, we women stuck up badly, some are making it worst, some turning them to normal, some are deeply attached with a new life with all the happiness. In this entire scenario we slowly indulged in our new home with husband, kids and in laws, even with the family friends and far relatives.

Everything comes to a track except for the few who fails and turns back to parents home. They face a new exam which re-born a new Women. 

Women who pass the exam happily fit into their new home. They get busy, really busy as per their mother instructions, everyone is happy, everyone is satisfied, and we don’t even get time to see ourselves as the same women who once had her own identity which she gave up to be a good wife, daughter and for all the other relations which suddenly popped-up into her life just like a surprise token comes out of detergent box in marketing campaign.

We were sweet daughters of sweet parents, but we are happy that we make our parents proud, we kept their respect! UNTIL a day we hear these words come questions: You do not care about us any more, you do not come to stay with us, you are just for your in laws now, it seems like you do not remember us but your husband, why did you adopt this habit? Why don’t you come in family parties? Why have you changed your hairstyle? Why only you cook every day?

A shocking call from the life we were living before, from those people who pushed us in the new life, with a lesson to live, live and live for marriage and all related to this. A whole new bunch of questions and answers…..

We stand, we listen, we try to fix things for every single relation and the life moves on like this.

The life moves on and we women fight our battle with perseverance!!

Will we Sink or Swim ???





~Evanescence ~



I had waited long for you

I burned my soul in fire

The fire of love and passion

This glows for you, day and night


You hear the whisper of your mind

Murdered my heart, killed my pride

I fright, but I tried,

I cried, but I tried,

But it does not make things alright


I put my soul in the fire

Keeping all the love aside

I may seem alive but I m dead inside

I am taking my soul to the sky


One day, you will feel the heat

One day, you will cry

You will hear my whisper

Insane you will cry


I will disappear

Like a smoke, I will fade

Like an ash, I will leave no Trace



INK can’t Hide me !


Do you have a tattoo? If so, what’s the story behind your ink? If you don’t have a tattoo, what might you consider getting emblazoned on you skin

Two things to clear before I write anything else:

1.      I don’t have any

2.      Permanent Tattoos are not appreciated in ISLAM but this is not the reason behind NOT HAVING A TATTOO.

I used to like tattoos when I was young and draw many tattoos with black pen on my forearm and then washed them away. I never tried or wish to have a permanent tattoo because I can’t hide myself under these self made figures. This INK can push your personality back sometimes.

But I love to have temporary henna tattoos and I stain my hands with henna on special occasion like Eid and events like weddings for sure. It’s a must DO for me. I do it myself also.

Here, take a look.

This first is I done for my husband Birthday Surprise and other on Eid’s.











All gone leaving ONE !


What a topic today !!

Tell us about a time you found out after the fact that you’d been mistaken and you had to eat a serving of humble pie.

Really its soul shaken…

33 Years of my Life , i wanted to become a person who pray 5 times a day , who recite Quran daily , Who speak true and deny every lie and false. Who lives a life – like a True Muslim. Sometimes i perform all the basic practices of Islam and sometimes i fail. But thanks Allah, that HE Almighty Allah is the most kind and helpful for us, prefer our judgment on OUR DEALING WITH HUMAN BEINGS rather than Preaching HIM only. Namaz (Prayer 5 times a day), Fasting, Reciting Quran only are not enough to be a MUSLIM.

But sad – very sad, I am neither a PERFECT HUMAN nor MUSLIM.

There is a list of such Moments when I felt I was mistaken. But Thanks Allah none of them was so serious or damaging that makes me feel regret still. They were all the mistakes which a learner can done while learning the lesson which life has to taught us.

One such regrets I have which is not painful now because it makes us (I and my sister) laugh NOW. I remember when I was 16 years old , My eldest sister was 10 years old , she gifted me a Dark Brown bear with a pen on my birthday (First time ever), and bought the same for herself which was White in color and more cute than brown. I took the gift and said; “You bring better for yourself I don’t need this gift and thrown it away” She gets angry and may be hurt also said: “I gifted this bear to you because I liked it for you’’ … She lefts in anger and I realized what I have done!! …….. It was BAD until I make things better again with my sister.

One day, I had a hard talk on some issue with my mother and I left home in early morning for work without having breakfast which she made for me and I hit the door hard and left. But all the way to factory and then during work I was ashamed of my act and I didn’t concentrate on work at all. I was guilty on my behavior, I came back home and sit with my mother, didn’t said sorry but she knew I m sorry and she smiled. Mothers are blessings and May Allah blesses all mothers.

And a list like these goes on….. But I am lucky that I m blessed with everyone love and respect even I sometime don’t deserve.

I believe, we stop regretting the moment as soon as we apologize and forgiven by the person who we hurt the most in the whole situation.

But yes I still have one, why I didn’t met My Husband in a very early age. I can be a very better person if I get marry with him when I was 20. I know after marrying him I am a much better human being.


Thanks Allah for all his blessing HE showers on me always.