Dreams are beautiful, sweet and calmed but the day, we wake up and face reality, it is ugly, Sour and violent.

When we face the real world we lose our selves. Some of us turn into rock and some in mud. In either case we find ourselves lost. We are NO MORE what we were before.

Heart beats slow and electric flow in our mind stops. We remain in this Transition for may be months, year or years, so many years.

We cry loud inside but tears can’t find way out. No one feels the Storm, no one …. Rock starts breaking in pieces .Mud blew away in wind. No one is there…dark, cold, silent ….. Our soul bear the heavy rain, wild wind, and darkness ALONE.

And One day, we find ourselves drowning down, deep down, we struggle, struggle so hard to lift ourselves up, but helpless and we stop struggling.


Silently, we drowned.

Drowned …..

Breathing slows down….

A fast forward recap of our life …

We see our LOVE …

And a last struggle to breathe….

We lift our hand up…

Will someone hold it?


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