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Independence day celebrations in full swing


MANSEHRA: Aug12 – View of Pakistani flag prepared by District Management on a mountain ahead of Independence Day.
ONLINE PHOTO by Sultan Dogar



RAWALPINDI: August 12 – People busy in selecting national flags and other related items from vendor in connection with Independence Day celebrations. APP photo by Abid Zia



LAHORE: August 12 – An illuminated and eye-catching reflection view of Minar-e-Pakistan decorated with colourful lights in connection with Independence Day celebrations. APP photo by Mustafa Lashari



KARACHI: Aug11 – A 60-meter long national flag being hoisted at Mazar-e-Quaid in connection to Independence Day.
ONLINE PHOTO by Sabir Mazhar



KARACHI: August 12 – Ladies purchasing bangles of national flag colour from vendor to celebrate Independence Day of Pakistan. APP photo by Syed Abbas Mehdi



LAHORE: August 11 – Vendors displaying national flags to attract the customers in connection with Independence Day celebrations. APP photo by Muhammad


Streets – West vs East


As an internet user, and if you use social medias like Facebook , twitter, blogs etc. you must have seen many news, videos, documentaries and touchy ad’s on pets, animals rescue, safety and awwwww it fill my eyes with tears kind of stuff. Internet is full of such stories and yes they are nice and touchy enough.

Yes, they fill my eyes with tears too, but the reason is not only rescuing a poor and sick animal but also because of fact that western society is busy in loving animals and here in Pakistan, what are we doing? We have humans here who are suffering like those animals and they even die on roads, but no one bother to feel anything. Where the other societies are having hundreds of organizations and societies for animals rescue, we don’t even have enough human’s right societies.

Animals on western streets are more secure than humans on eastern streets ? WHY ?

Isn’t it a sad thing, we have Edhi foundation, Chippa and some more, who are working for humanity but most of the time they remain busy in picking small child’s form garbage, picking dead bodies from different areas, picking remains of bodies from the bombing points, We have so much worst situations going on here that no one could think of doing anything else. We are still fighting for education, health, basic living necessities.

We are Muslims and our religion is the one who emphasize on humanity with so much power, it taught us humanity since child birth till his death but poor we, where are we standing? What are we doing?

Do you ever think, what will you say to Allah on the domes day?

Allah says, killing one human is like killing all humanity!!

Allah says, respect elders, love children and help those who are needy.

Why are we forgetting every single humanity rule?

We forget to smile when we see anyone?

We don’t even say Aslamoalikum , when we see someone ?


The good acts of western society are a slap on our face.

Yes a slap, if you could only feel the pain!

Because our religion, our culture and our roots are actually followed by them, in terms of HUMANITY.


Most Influential Blogger Award & Sister Hood of the World Bloggers Award



I am glad to receive another token of love from a very good friend of mine, Malinda at , She has given me this honor and love which I am taking with all of my heart and respect.

Most Influential Blogger Award



Sister Hood of the World Bloggers Award


Thank you Sister 🙂 You made my day. Your appreciation and kind words , encourage me to write more from my heart.



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5- I call my awards as TOKEN OF LOVE , my code word 🙂

6-  I write about my culture and religion alot, and in every post, i discuss the topic with this aspect.

7- I love Pakistan alot, with all of its good’s and bad’s , I am very patriotic person.

8- I respect every point of view , but I hate those who impose things on others.

9- I hate lairs, betrayers and Selfish people.

10- I love to see your presence on my blog , your comments and opinions to make it more better.



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and last but not least my sister 🙂


My all love to you all, my sisters and friends 🙂 Your blogs are beautiful like you all.















May Allah bless us all and help us all in finding the right path of life, ameen




Say No to Drugs !




June 26 is the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1987, this day reminds the world about the adverse effects of drugs on individuals, families and society.

I was looking through the Technical Report on Drug Use in Pakistan 2013 by the Ministry of Narcotics Control, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.



An estimated 5.8 per cent, or 6.45 million, of the population in Pakistan aged between 15 and 64 used drugs in the last 12 months Plant based drugs are the most predominantly used drugs in Pakistan by those between the ages of 15 and 64 with 3.6 per cent or just over four million annual users of cannabis. High levels of opiate use have been found with 0.9 per cent or just more than one million users of which 0.7 per cent use heroin and 0.3per cent use opium annually.

Levels of use for opiates are highest as a proportion of the population in provinces that border cultivation areas in Afghanistan.


These are only figures, and as far as I experienced the drug abusers, I think its lil more than that shown in figures, when I was working in a Pharmaceutical firm in countryside of Lahore, I experienced so many life’s, workers from villages, small towns frequently come and go, I met so many men and women who were personally effected by drugs and then how their families get ruined because of their bad habit. How they finally get rid of drugs.

I remember on a way back home I daily saw a man sitting under a bridge injecting himself and his fellows around him. It makes me surprised that no one stops him, law and order officers , citizens , no one bother to even see them.

Once, my colleague says that she often saw 2 drug abusers come to the backside of their home which ends in a playground where trees and bushes are abundant. They keep the syringes in a plastic bag, and hide them in the bushes. Daily they wash the same syringe with water and then inject themselves as they have taken care of all the hygiene and sterility. Funny for us on that moment but seriously now when I think of that, it alarms me, how we are killing ourselves? And how easily we let someone kill himself in front of us? Majority of us just see and do nothing, as we do not know what to do??

But thanks Allah that, there are some organizations and individuals who are working on this issue, I really want to mention Edhi Foundation, who has been working in diverse areas and are playing a very major role in society in many ways. ** I must write about this foundation in detail sometime.

Anyway, I am just praying that more and more people get aware of this issue and help drug abusers. I pray that government take full actions on the drug suppliers and mafia, which although presently seems like a dream. Sad but true!


May Allah bless us all.. ameen




Rich – Poor and in between two extremes !



Here in Pakistan, Weather is very hot, summer is at its extreme, temperature is between 40 – 52 degree in different areas, and I was thinking how things effect differently on different people.

Humans are the most strange creature on this planet, when they are on top, with a happy life , success , health and wealth , they hardly see things negatively , even the busy road and traffic noise don’t disturb them in their luxurious cars, cool environment and soothing music, don’t let them feel the heat outside, life for them is an apple pie. But outside their beautiful world, many are dying just because of heat strokes.

Two extreme ends!!

And in the middle of these two ends are the people, who are trying to live happily, surviving somehow, who bought an air condition by saving money every month, and then the day when the father bring air condition at home, every single person of a family feels like heaven they rejoice in happiness, all are gathered in the same room enjoying the cool air and then, there is an electric failure, and they still say … the room is still cool, it is far better than before ….  🙂

Different people – different status – different views – that’s life!