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That was me once !


Tell us about a time when you flew into a rage. What is it that made you so incredibly angry?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us RAGE.

Today’s topic 🙂 Thanks Allah i have not missed this one, because i really liked it.

I have gone through many phases of life, so many transitions; even my whole look is different in different phases that anyone can be surprised if they look my pictures of different age. (I think we all have this same opinion :p)

There were so many times in my life when i behaved like a mad person, i spent most of my teenage life alone, though i had so many friends and my family also loved me a lot but i always wandered in imaginations, to be a doctor one day , to be a singer like Britteny spears 😛 , i practice to sing daily, to be a great achiever someday. My teenage life was full of imagination . inspirations and ultimately i stayed alone most of the time. During this time i somehow get detached from my friends and family which i realized lately and then for a certain period of time i lived a spoiled life which was self created obviously.

There are so many memories but really i don’t want to share them here , as i don’t want to spread madness around. Memories that hurts should be buried but don’t forget the LESSON.

Thanks Allah i recovered safely and EARLY … hehehe 🙂

Anyway, I have this picture which can show my one phase of life. My youngest sister had drawn this and pasted this on the door of my bedroom 😀 ..





My Life Partner !

Daily Prompt: My Precious

Who is the person in your life who can do no wrong? Describe this person and tell us why you hold them in such high esteem.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us PRECIOUS.


Though i have so many peoples in my life who are so precious to me, my whole family specially my parents , they have never done anything wrong with me, they can never think about it but if i have to discuss about THE ONE who is always with me and can never hurt me is my “life partner”.


We have been married since three years and gone through many situations, we adopted and changed so many habits for each other, Our life style was different and we still have different opinions about so many things which i hate also, but he always remain close to hold me with all of his love and respect.

He Makes me Fly high and makes me feel like heaven on earth.

He gives me respect and care , even he knows my every bad. He is my mirror.


May Allah bless him always and May Allah keep us together always , ameen


I am not Lost


In life we faces so many changes and gone through so many transitions, so many phases that seems unbelievable for us to face and handle, but some how we do, we all do! Happily or sadly.. we have to…

Birth to death… black to white… day to night… childhood to elderly… 1000’s of losses… many of us resist all these shocks , few could not manage to live their life as they were living before , and few loses themselves after their lost. They just lose their hopes and urge to live life.

I have faced many hard times also when i have to give up or let go or lose, but manage to survive all. After every loss i sit alone for a while and think what really happens? what went wrong?  Am i not good enough to have this ? …. but after hours, days, weeks , or sometimes months i stand up again with all the strength and hope.

One of the recent loss was my miscarriage. First time , it was like hell, burning my soul , i was all broken up , because we were so happy , but we could not make it. It took me a month to realize that Allah has something better for me. Allah then my husband, and my family supported me and i realize things gradually. I hope and pray that we ( me and my husband ) will have this blessing one day.

All i believe in is, Love, that brings care, respect, support , kindness, and will power. Love gives me strength to live and live happily.

Thanks Allah for all his blessings.

I love this picture and have this on my office desktop for many days. I want to share it here.


Life is the Best Teacher!


Today’s Topic 🙂 —

What’s your learning style? Do you prefer learning in a group and in an interactive setting? Or one-on-one? Do you retain information best through lectures, or visuals, or simply by reading books?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us LEARNING



It reminded me of so many life phases which have been passed, but they are the part of my good and bad memories. Now and forever.

When i was very young (6-8 years) i loved to study with my imaginary class fellows 😀 where actually i was the teacher, teaching my age fellow’s who were just some toys or pillows or sometimes the fellows were the tree leaves :D. I still remember i used to talk with trees and leaves. They also answered me. (When the wind blow them a lil, i consider that my answer).

When i grew up a lil bit more , about 10 -12 years, i was really afraid of studying, My mother ran after me to send me to school or tuition but i always refuse. The reason behind this fear and lack of interest was , the environment of teaching and the teachers themselves. I still remember those horrified teachers and their bad behaviors. Not all of them , but few. But the impact was so bad over me and obviously other children as well.

We sometimes forget that we are dealing with an innocent soul, who do not know what is the harshness of world, they ( elders) have no right to introduce the damn cold world to those young hearts so early.

When i went to school i just love to study with my best friend. We study together, eat together, play together, we dress up alike on events like Eid , we stay with each other all day and till mid night. Our parents were so tired of us :). Luckily we lived in the same street , her home was just 3 homes apart from mine. That was the good time. Time has taken that friend of mine to somewhere i don’t know. We just lost contact.

College- I was a real fun loving person 😀 , i hardly study at that time .. but i remember i used to study alone. I faced so many hard times when i was in college, so really do not study. Just passes the exam hardly.

In University- That was the most enjoyable part of my life really. I enjoyed every bit of that phase. I liked to study in groups and my fellows take help from me as well. We study in groups after our classes are over and discuss the topic in fun way, visualize it differently and in more easy way. It keeps the lesson in our mind. And this is the most effective way of studying that is why i was a position holder in my department of Microbiology.

Professional life- Here i start learning peoples behavior, their attitude , their intentions, I learned alot from my professional life.

but above all..

Life , Life teaches us everything. I study biology, microbiology in school , college and university, but Life taught me what am i really ? why do i exist ? what are my responsibilities ? What is my purpose to live and then to die ?

Life teaches me where, when and how to utilize my skills ? Who deserves my love and respect , and who don’t even deserve my hater?

All i can say and believe is Life is a best teacher which is sometimes rude and sometimes kind.

And Life teaches one- on- one ONLY.


Life is beautiful !


Today’s topic is very good in it’s own way. It makes me so excited to share everything that touches my heart. I wanted to write so much but words will may be not enough to describe what i feel living my Life.  My Parents and family are most precious to me. Their all prayers ,support, love  and kindness  touch my heart and life every single day. Thanks Allah for giving me a blessed Life.

There is a list of things but i will share only few this time 🙂

Texture of  Red Bricks attracts me a lot, especially when they are washed and wet.




Texture of Rain Drops on the glass window is the most romantic feeling.



Texture of Sand ( I am standing on a 3 way track , in Cholistan Desert, Pakistan)



Texture of Clouds



Texture of Henna



Nature Touches me , satisfy my mind and heart , Allah is the biggest and only Creator for such a beautiful world and this whole Universe.

Neelam Valley , Kashmir, Pakistan



Grass hopper



A very Historic and very Special Tree for me 🙂



Mall Road in Lahore, Pakistan



Smell of Wet soil and Food 🙂 i can’t resist


Touch of Running Water under feet


………….Touch of a baby



And above all ….. 🙂  We , me and my husband



These all pictures were taken by me , except the red brick one. This  picture was  taken by my younger sister.

May ALLAH always shower his blessing on me , my family , friends and you.


Necessaties – Oh Now i Realised


Today’s topic is really Interesting 🙂

So, let me close my eyes for a while and imagine how will i survive in Deserted island? What things should i keep with myself, if it’s planned? ( As WordPress -Cheri Lucas Rowland’s wish 😛 ) or What things we should keep with us specially when we are traveling or going to some adventure?

Arrr — where am i ? —— Image

Damn my brain —-  Wrong turn of Brain again huh—-


Okay — I m closing my eye’s again …..

Good — Now i am on the Right Place ( Not really right 😦 , i am saying this just because of WordPress)



So, this is what Deserted island actually is !

Well, really the first thought came into my mind was desert, but later i realized what we are talking about today.

I realized something very important because of WordPress today , What are the basic necessities for me 🙂 i never think in this way ever.

1. My Holy Book (Qur’an) ,I think in such a lonely place , i will definitely read and understand it more and i will feel myself more close to Allah.

2. A first aid kit.(Large one)

3. A lighter and Match box as well ( Is this count as 1 item :P)

4. A Sharp Knife.

5. My Family Pictures and a Dairy ( again 2 items 😦 ) ..okay a dairy to write which already have a pen, pencil and my family picture 😀

Well , Thats all about me 😀


By the way i do know many people who survived for days, months or even years on deserted islands. The way they respond to this life time experience ( UN-wanted though) is amazing. If they lose their hopes and stop struggling , they could have die.

Finally, a salute to all such survivors !!

May Allah bless us all.





~Evanescence ~



I had waited long for you

I burned my soul in fire

The fire of love and passion

This glows for you, day and night


You hear the whisper of your mind

Murdered my heart, killed my pride

I fright, but I tried,

I cried, but I tried,

But it does not make things alright


I put my soul in the fire

Keeping all the love aside

I may seem alive but I m dead inside

I am taking my soul to the sky


One day, you will feel the heat

One day, you will cry

You will hear my whisper

Insane you will cry


I will disappear

Like a smoke, I will fade

Like an ash, I will leave no Trace



INK can’t Hide me !


Do you have a tattoo? If so, what’s the story behind your ink? If you don’t have a tattoo, what might you consider getting emblazoned on you skin

Two things to clear before I write anything else:

1.      I don’t have any

2.      Permanent Tattoos are not appreciated in ISLAM but this is not the reason behind NOT HAVING A TATTOO.

I used to like tattoos when I was young and draw many tattoos with black pen on my forearm and then washed them away. I never tried or wish to have a permanent tattoo because I can’t hide myself under these self made figures. This INK can push your personality back sometimes.

But I love to have temporary henna tattoos and I stain my hands with henna on special occasion like Eid and events like weddings for sure. It’s a must DO for me. I do it myself also.

Here, take a look.

This first is I done for my husband Birthday Surprise and other on Eid’s.











All gone leaving ONE !


What a topic today !!

Tell us about a time you found out after the fact that you’d been mistaken and you had to eat a serving of humble pie.

Really its soul shaken…

33 Years of my Life , i wanted to become a person who pray 5 times a day , who recite Quran daily , Who speak true and deny every lie and false. Who lives a life – like a True Muslim. Sometimes i perform all the basic practices of Islam and sometimes i fail. But thanks Allah, that HE Almighty Allah is the most kind and helpful for us, prefer our judgment on OUR DEALING WITH HUMAN BEINGS rather than Preaching HIM only. Namaz (Prayer 5 times a day), Fasting, Reciting Quran only are not enough to be a MUSLIM.

But sad – very sad, I am neither a PERFECT HUMAN nor MUSLIM.

There is a list of such Moments when I felt I was mistaken. But Thanks Allah none of them was so serious or damaging that makes me feel regret still. They were all the mistakes which a learner can done while learning the lesson which life has to taught us.

One such regrets I have which is not painful now because it makes us (I and my sister) laugh NOW. I remember when I was 16 years old , My eldest sister was 10 years old , she gifted me a Dark Brown bear with a pen on my birthday (First time ever), and bought the same for herself which was White in color and more cute than brown. I took the gift and said; “You bring better for yourself I don’t need this gift and thrown it away” She gets angry and may be hurt also said: “I gifted this bear to you because I liked it for you’’ … She lefts in anger and I realized what I have done!! …….. It was BAD until I make things better again with my sister.

One day, I had a hard talk on some issue with my mother and I left home in early morning for work without having breakfast which she made for me and I hit the door hard and left. But all the way to factory and then during work I was ashamed of my act and I didn’t concentrate on work at all. I was guilty on my behavior, I came back home and sit with my mother, didn’t said sorry but she knew I m sorry and she smiled. Mothers are blessings and May Allah blesses all mothers.

And a list like these goes on….. But I am lucky that I m blessed with everyone love and respect even I sometime don’t deserve.

I believe, we stop regretting the moment as soon as we apologize and forgiven by the person who we hurt the most in the whole situation.

But yes I still have one, why I didn’t met My Husband in a very early age. I can be a very better person if I get marry with him when I was 20. I know after marrying him I am a much better human being.


Thanks Allah for all his blessing HE showers on me always.


Only 4 wheels !!


One day i was trying to cross the road. ( somewhere in Lahore)

Road was too busy and i was standing on the foot path ,watching the running vehicles.

I saw a jeep that passed me very fast , a young lady was driving that jeep: Shining Black , Big , Fast and  Luxurious.

I looked it like a man who is dieing of hunger and see food . May be it is a stupid example , but it portrays my exact feeling on that JUST A 20 SECOND MOMENT.

Today , when i see this  Daily Prompt: Keeping up with the Jones : Tell us about the one luxury item you wish you could afford, in as much detail as you can. Paint a picture for us. by Jones’ by Krista on November 29, 2013 . I instantly smile on that urge to have a jeep while standing on a foot path , having a job which pay only 7000 PKR.

I am not a person who runs after money or luxurious life, and not even get impressed by those people who have such life but that particular moment in my life was a rare experience for me. Since then i wish to buy a jeep when ever i will buy any vehicle.

That jeep will be RANGE ROVER.