Finally Karachi again !


I never thought going back to the places where we spend our childhood and grew up could be seem so strange when we get back there after years. In the first look everything is different but when we stand there for a while , look around and see, a quick flash back to the past and we start putting things together and try to match the picture in our mind with the picture in-front of our eyes and the puzzle seems to be solved a Lil bit, leaving the few pieces still missed.

That’s what i am experiencing since Monday night. I am in Karachi after Dec, 21 , 2005. AFTER 9 YEARS.

When i was coming to Karachi i never thought i could see so much change, i was fully confident that i will surely recognize places when i reach there but FAILED.

Time changed everything but my friends remained unaffected 🙂 … I met them yesterday and it was a real treat and fun. We met like we were never separated. Same old style and feeling. I am blessed with good people i always Thanks Allah for this.

I am planning to meet more friends soon , ( Blasts from Past 😛 ) and so much more.


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  1. We just moved back to a place we lived five years ago. So much has changed; I barely recognize some of it. But like you said, connecting with friends is like you never left. Have a great visit!

  2. Safe travels and blessed joy, my sister! Home lives in your heart; these visits with friends will brighten that home for a long time yet to come. Cherish every moment, as I know you will!

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