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A cup of tea !


Before coming online i was making tea for family.


We use to take tea after dinner , lunch , in breakfast and when there is nothing to do, WE TAKE TEA. Not only in my home but all over the Pakistan making it the 3rd largest tea importer in the world. Anyway , I make a cup of tea for you as well 🙂



Anyway ,i want to share something which really surprised me ,may be because it matters a lot to me and every Pakistani.

I went to my Parents home yesterday and spend few hours in our small library where i cleaned up the books and re-arranged them. While arranging the books i saw the book which is based on a research. Research title was women farm workers in Sindh, done by Mr.Veerji Kohli and assisted and financed by http://mehergarh.org/ and German Embassy.

I read this book before but could not stop to read it again. As i opened the book , turned the pages i saw this page (GLOSSARY)


And the SURPRISE ..Rupee definition is :

60 PKR = 1 $

Goshh … when was that ? in 1990 ? this book is too old ??  PKR was not so bad against $ !! My first thought

but then my mind insisted , No Not at all Afsheen ! you read this book just few years back.

I quickly checked the year of publishing and it was 2007. I was astonished and told this to my Abu (Father) as it is a BREAKING NEWS OF TODAY but he smiled and said ” Dollar was only 40.9 in Year 2000 and even lesser than this in earlier years” and i was just thinking what happened to PKR ? Major currency down fall , which is obviously not making me happy 😦

and yeah i forget to mention , these days RUPEE definition is :

108.465 PKR = 1 $

Whatever the reason i wish to see my currency a better and stronger one. May Allah help us ! Ameen