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Moments(Acceptance/ denial) !

Moments(Acceptance/ denial) !


Some moments are very rare, sudden and precious!

Like right now 12:37 AM, I was in bed few minutes ago, sleepy and tired and then suddenly I just wanted to speak out my heart, Sleep gone, and my eyes are wide open, brain is supplying currents to neurons on quite a good rate. (I AM GLAD TO FEEL LIKE WRITING AFTER A LONG TIME).

Coming back to rare and sudden moments, and this time I am talking about VERY PRECIOUS ONE.

I am a very average Human being when it comes to religion.

Months passed by and I don’t even open the holy book “QURAN” and then those moments when I am attracted to the book and I desperately start reading.

There are times when I don’t even notice that I didn’t offer a single prayer in a day, and there are times when I just leave everything and rush to pray; Leaving a prayer is like A BIG NO then, not because I think of SIN and all, it’s like meeting someone who really cares for you like a mother or like boosting my energy level giving you courage to move in life at your best.

I know what my religion says, Obligations, sins, rules, principals, everything! I know what is heaven for and what is hell!

But still ……

I, not only me most of us do a lot in our daily routine, family, jobs, social circle, hobbies, etc etc , even if we are tired , still we do for the sake of relationships, for earning good money, for making our life’s better, more luxurious and comfortable , but when it comes to Allah we give excuses for our basic religious practices.

May be because ALLAH can forgive you and MAN cannot.


How natural this saying is, very close to human nature, supporting and giving preference to humanity. Love and kindness for mankind! Not only Muslims, the whole MANKIND regardless of religion.

Allah is the most kind, and YES for people like me this is the way of finding peace. (Or a GOOD EXCUSE to satisfy ourselves)

Whatever it is, the feeling of knowing,acceptance and denying, the presence or absence, whatever is the reason I just ask Allah for MERCY and peace for every single person on this globe.

I don’t know how many people of different religion gone through this feeling but I am sure I am not the only one. 🙂




I am Still here !


imstill her

Sometimes I get brainstormed so much with the same thought again and again, I caught myself thinking it and realizing it so much intensely that it speeds up my heart beat and make me hard to breath.


This life will end any time, any coming second will be my last one may be while writing this or may be any other day but its following me and I am getting close to it every single second, This is the fact and the biggest reality of our life, DEATH.


This thought overcome to every other thing I have in life or everything that I wanted to do and planning.


I speak to myself,


Why are you doing?


What for ?




many other haunted questions ……. it is like never ending quest between me and my brain.


ME ?? I think, “ME” is my heart.


Yes! It is my heart which pushes me to life every time Brain scares me by showing bitter facts (REALITY) of life.


Heart ; innocent and very naughty at least mine is. If i am smiling and living it’s my heart that drags me. It is my heart that makes me believe that life is beautiful and YOU ARE STILL HERE, You are here and you need to live life until the time comes and then you have to live another life , you will just transfer from HERE to somewhere else.


Somewhere else, where life will be immortal and your final destiny will be like you wanted, If you live here happily, honestly and more humanly then you don’t have to be sad or feared.


This is my heart which is giving me energy to live for what will come anytime, so I will not regret and get pain forever.


Live life , more happily, more sincerely with every single relation you have and duty you are doing, More patiently , Spread love and peace, because YOU ARE STILL HERE, make your life beautiful so that when the death angel came he will not scare you. He will pull you and you will smile , ready to move to another cloud , somewhere else !






Lost Innocence


Last Night I experienced a really different me, or it’s better to say that I find myself in the situation where I see a totally different ME.

I love children, I love to see them playing and asking questions , crying for toys and candies, in short I just love children, but Last night 3 kids (4-5 year old) irritates me madly by their acts.

It left so many questions in my mind.

This is what happens…

I was sitting with my family in a park, when they suddenly appeared and ask for my son bicycle and sits on it without permission and ran away, then try to grab snacks from my hand which I gave them because I want to get rid of them, but they just took the cycle and food, continuously laughing and playing with each other, not bothering that they have someone else cycle and they did not even took permission. Again they came and ask for food, I don’t know why but I suddenly lost my temper, I just forget that they are kids, and said to my husband “ Just get rid of them now and take back the cycle”, My tone of speaking was a surprise for him and he gets annoyed and said “They are just kids,what is wrong with you?” But, I can’t see kids  I just see few ill mannered people in their kid bodies , Bothering everyone in the park. My husband patience and reply makes me feel more terrible that may be I am unnecessarily getting angry.

I left the place and start walking with my kids; I was thinking, thinking and just thinking …

Those kids were very poor and they surely don’t have any facility in their house, but where is their INNOCENCE?  , which at least I can’t see?

May be I am getting rude to those kids?

Or maybe I m not as kind as I think I am,

May be I don’t love any kid apart from my own?

May be I am a mean person?

I have no fear of Allah and I am just getting mad on people he creates? (most terrible thought)

In short, I was sad and confused!

After many thoughts and arguments with myself, I realized what make me annoyed were their acts. The way they talk and behave was not childish for me at all, it is more like gangster.I realized, that those kids were treated by life harshly, my opinion, I don’t know if I am right or not, but they just brought up like that obviously by their parents, and they just lost their innocence somewhere to soon, or maybe they belong to a family where acting like this is a normal behavior.

Child without innocence is just like a grown up person who is treating life in the same way like life treats him. I feel that, without innocence and positive brought up child is not a child any more,their soul and mind are way too big than their bodies and in this particular case they grown up fast and negatively.

Age is just a number, the only thing which makes you dear and near to people is right and positive attitude, one could be still loved as a child if the soul is innocent and pure, whatever is the age. On the other hand, a child can lost all his childhood beauty and charm because of their negative behavior which is definitely because of family and many more aspects which are need to be addressed.
I just wonder, what my readers feel about this. I feel bad for myself, as being so inpatient and confused, I feel sad for those kids , A child don’t deserve such a cruel life but Allah knows better. And Yes I feel great for people like my husband , who remain kind with every single child no matter how terrible they are, whoever they are and whatever they do. Such people are a true blessing of Allah indeed.

May Allah show me and all of you a right and true path for dealing life. Ameen

May Allah bless you all and your loved ones, Ameen



Streets – West vs East


As an internet user, and if you use social medias like Facebook , twitter, blogs etc. you must have seen many news, videos, documentaries and touchy ad’s on pets, animals rescue, safety and awwwww it fill my eyes with tears kind of stuff. Internet is full of such stories and yes they are nice and touchy enough.

Yes, they fill my eyes with tears too, but the reason is not only rescuing a poor and sick animal but also because of fact that western society is busy in loving animals and here in Pakistan, what are we doing? We have humans here who are suffering like those animals and they even die on roads, but no one bother to feel anything. Where the other societies are having hundreds of organizations and societies for animals rescue, we don’t even have enough human’s right societies.

Animals on western streets are more secure than humans on eastern streets ? WHY ?

Isn’t it a sad thing, we have Edhi foundation, Chippa and some more, who are working for humanity but most of the time they remain busy in picking small child’s form garbage, picking dead bodies from different areas, picking remains of bodies from the bombing points, We have so much worst situations going on here that no one could think of doing anything else. We are still fighting for education, health, basic living necessities.

We are Muslims and our religion is the one who emphasize on humanity with so much power, it taught us humanity since child birth till his death but poor we, where are we standing? What are we doing?

Do you ever think, what will you say to Allah on the domes day?

Allah says, killing one human is like killing all humanity!!

Allah says, respect elders, love children and help those who are needy.

Why are we forgetting every single humanity rule?

We forget to smile when we see anyone?

We don’t even say Aslamoalikum , when we see someone ?


The good acts of western society are a slap on our face.

Yes a slap, if you could only feel the pain!

Because our religion, our culture and our roots are actually followed by them, in terms of HUMANITY.


Everyday is a Mother Day !



Every day is a Mother Day for me; I will turn 34 years old in this July if Allah’s want but still I am a little baby for my mother. I still eat by her hands sitting in her feet’s, eating, smiling and enjoying every bit of that moment.

Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) says, “Paradise lies at the feet of your mother” and yes, it is true. I feel the heaven on earth; I feel relaxed and like a little child with no worries and responsibility. What a wonderful gift by Allah.

I remember all the days and night when my mother stayed awake, working hard and prayed for me, for my success, for my health and for my better future. I remember her every smile and tear. I remember how she was worried when I left her and my family after my marriage, it was like she is giving away her heart to someone else, but she could not stop that, because this is what happens to all daughters and mothers. And I still feel her smile and calm face when she saw me happy with my husband; I can feel her prayers and happiness whenever she sees me happy. She just wants me to stay happy, and this is what really matters for her. She just needs happiness and peace for her children’s and nothing else.

Mother, oh mother – how gracious and kind you are! You do not need anything from us; you just shower all your priceless love on us, asking for nothing. Nothing at all! I LOVE YOU AMEE.

May Allah bless you always, amen.

Mother’s place is so unique and precious in Islam, once a man came to the Prophet (s.a.w.w) and said, ‘O Messenger of God! Who among the people is the most worthy of my good companionship? The Prophet (PBUH) said: Your mother. The man said, ‘Then who?’ The Prophet said: Then your mother. The man further asked, ‘Then who?’ The Prophet said: Then your mother. The man asked again, ‘Then who?’ The Prophet said: Then your father. (Bukhari, Muslim)

There are so many other Hadith we found in Islam regarding the respect and importance of Mother’s and Father’s, and it is my duty (this is what I feel) that I should share the Islamic aspects on all matters which I am discussing and sharing here, This will bring a better insight view of Islam, which is ruined in many ways by so many negative forces.

Let me add one more example here, a man once consulted the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) about taking part in a military campaign. The Prophet asked the man if his mother was still living. When told that she was alive, the Prophet said: “(Then) stay with her, for Paradise is at her feet.” (Al-Tirmidhi)

On another occasion, the Prophet said: “God has forbidden for you to be undutiful to your mothers.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari)



Sufi Poetry by Khuwaja Ghulam Farid


Shrine Khuwaja Ghulam Farid: Photo by Ghilzai

Shrine Khuwaja Ghulam Farid: Photo by Ghilzai

Meda Ishq Vi Toon Meda Yaar Vi Toon
Meda Deen Vi Toon Eeman Vi Toon

Meda Jism Vi Toon Meda Rooh Vi Toon
Meda Qalb Vi Toon Jind Jaan Vi Toon

Meda Kaba Qibla Masjid Mimbar
Mushaf Te Quran Vi Toon

Mede Farz Fareezay, Hajj, Zakataan
Soum Salaat Azaan Vi Toon

Meri Zohd Ibadat Ta’at Taqwa
Ilm Vi Toon Irfan Vi Toon

Mera Zikr Vi Toon Meda Fikr Vi Toon
Mera Zouq Vi Toon Wajdan Vi Toon

Meda Sanwal Mithra Shaam Saloona
Mun Mohan Janaan Vi Toon

Meda Murshid Haadi Peer Tareeqat
Shaikh Haqaa’iq Daan Vi Toon

Meda Aas Ummed Te Khattaya Wattaya
Takia Maan Taran Vi Toon

Mera Dharam Vi Toon Meda Bharam Vi Toon
Meda Sharam Vi Toon Meda Shaan Vi Toon

Meda Dukh Sukh Ro’wan Khilan Vi Toon
Meda Dard Vi Toon Darmaan Vi Toon

Mda Khushiyan Da Asbaab Vi Toon
Mede Soolaan Da Samaan Vi Toon

Mera Husn Te Bhaag Suhaag Vi Toon
Meda Bakht Te Naam Nishaan Vi Toon

Meda Ishq Vi Toon Meda Yaar Vi Toon
Meda Deen Vi Toon Eeman Vi Toon

Meda Jism Vi Toon Meda Rooh Vi Toon
Meda Qalb Vi Toon Jind Jaan Vi Toon

Meda Kaba Qibla Masjid Mimbar
Mushaf Te Quran Vi Toon

Meda Ishq Vi Toon Meda Yaar Vi Toon
Meda Deen Vi Toon Eeman Vi Toon
Meda Ishq Vi Toon Meda Yaar Vi Toon

Aaa Ooo (Chants…)
Meda Dekhan Bhalan Jachan Jochan
Samjhan Jaan Sunjaan Vi Toon

Mede Thadray Saah Te Monjh Munjhari
Hanjroon De Tofaan Vi Toon

Mede Tilk Tilo’ay Seendhaan Mangaan
Naaz Nihoray Taan Vi Toon

Medi Mehdni Kajal Misaag Vi Toon
Medi Surkhi Beera Paan Vi Toon

Meda Ishq Vi Toon Meda Yaar Vi Toon

Medi Wehshat Josh Junoon Vi Toon (Aaa)
Meda Garya Aa’h O Faghan Vi Toon (Aaa)

Meda Awwal Aakhir Andar Bahir
Zahir Te Pinhaan Vi Toon Tooon

Meda Ishq Vi Toon Meda Yaar Vi Toon

Aaaa Meda Waal Aakhir Andar Baahir
Zahir Te Pinhaan Vi Toon

Meda Badal Barkha Khimniyan Gajaan (Aaa)
Barish Te Baraan Vi Toon

Meda Mulk Malir Te Maro Khalra
Rohi Cholistaan Vi Toon

Je Yaar Farid Qabool Karay
Srikaar Vi Toon Sultaan Vi Toon

Na Taan Kehtar Kamtar Ahqar Adna
La-Shay La-Imkaan Vi Toon

Meda Ishq Vi Toon Meda Yaar Vi Toon
Meda Ishq Vi Toon Meda Yaar Vi Toon.

Shrine of Khuwaja Ghulam Farid, Photo by Ghilzai

Shrine of Khuwaja Ghulam Farid, Photo by Ghilzai



You Are My Ardour
You are my ardour, my friend, faith, creed.
You are my body, you are my spirit, heart, soul.
You’re the direction towards which I pray.
You are my Mecca, my mosque, my pulpit.
You are my holy books and my Quran.
You are my religious obligations,
My Hajj, charity, fasting, call to prayer.
You are my asceticism, worship,
My obedience and my piety.
You are my knowledge and you’re my gnosis .
You’re my remembrance, my contemplation
You are my tasting and my ecstasy.
You are my love, my sweet, my darling, my honey
You are my favourite, and my soulmate!
You’re my spiritual preceptor, my guide ,
You are my Shaykh and my Enlightened One
You are my hope, my wish, my gains, losses.
You’re all I see, my pride, my deliv’rance.
You’re my faith, my honour, modesty, glory
You’re my pain, sorrow, my crying, playing
You are my illness and my remedy.
You are what lulls me to a peaceful sleep.
You are my beauty and my fate, fortune, fame.
You are my looking, enquiring, seeking
You are my understanding, my knowing
You are my henna, my collyrium,
My rouge, my tobacco, my betel-leaf!
You are my terror, my passion, madness
You’re my crying and my lamentation.
You are my Alpha and my Omega,
My Inner, Outer, Hidden, Manifest.
If, O’Belovéd, you accept Farid
You are my Sovereign and my Sultan.


Inside View of Shrine, Photo by Ghilzai

Inside View of Shrine, Photo by Ghilzai


A New Chapter with a big thought !


Today I had a wonderful visit to an art school and a local market with my Mother in law.

After 57 days, since I left my job I traveled in any local transport and for a very first time with my Mother in law which is an unique experience itself :). She paid all the fares of van, bus and then auto and I traveled with her like a child who just enjoy the journey by looking around, smiling and had fun. I really enjoyed my dependence on her. (For my waggish friends, answer in advance: No it’s not because she pays the money everywhere ;)).

She was taking me to the place where I always wanted to go, A place where I could enhance my Artistic Ability.( I think I have – I will find out soon ).

Here take a look. Embroidery done by me is evidence that I know a lil bit of ART.


SANATZAR, Social Welfare Department, City District Government, Lahore… phewwwww finally!!  First view of this building from outside was like, serious teachers all boring routine classes, issuance of certificate and THE END but as I entered inside it was like a whole new world, “a whole new BIG GIRLS world”…

Hurray I am back to my fun days 🙂 this was my second but very instant thought. Girls and Women of all ages from 15 to 50 were busy around there in work, having fun, some of them were eating one of my favorite snacks (Chicken roll) which I used to eat almost daily when I was studying and my first aim is to eat that chicken roll as soon as I get there. My happiness is clearly visible from my face, that’s what I felt in my Mother in law eyes who helped and supported me to reach here.

As I approach reception area it was clearly evident that it’s not just an ART SCHOOL it’s something way more I was expecting. On the information desk a lady provides me the form and prospectus which has a complete details but in short It’s an INSTITUTION which has completed its 39 years with an objective to enhance the potential, ability and strength of women by converting them from dead into social capital. This institutes provide training in 100 skill courses and then help them to start small businesses , several NGO’s , Police department are also involved in the welfare work with this institute. And guess what??? The form cost only 20 Rupees and Admission fee starts from 100 Rupee only. Man that’s so affordable!!

Take a look at the form, the language used is URDU and its Pakistan’s National language.


And yeah I am going to take 2 courses, one is cutting and sewing as I am tired of giving so many amounts to tailors 😉 and second one is Art and Craft.  That means so many new stories and art pieces are coming your way.

While coming back home Aunty (Mother in law) stops at local market near our home for buying vegetables. My Mother in law is a very old resident of this area and most of the shop keepers knows her well and show respect to her by giving her quick response. Today I see the proof also.

A lady reached to the vegetable shop on the same time when we reached there but the seller man quickly turn to my mother in law and start weighing the vegetables she want to buy. On that time the lady standing over the other side of stall said a funny thing in a taunting way which I could not resist to share, she said: “Oh hello hello!! how quickly you are weighing the potatoes for her , if people are in that much rush and want to buy so much  vegetables then they must call from home and book there vegetables, I am standing here but no one is bothering to see me” .




(Translation In Punjabi language : Aye haye inni chatii chatii allo toolee ja ray ho ..inni chatii hondi aay lokaan noo tay ghero phone ker k saman ready kera liya kero , athay aa ker chayti chayti apna kaam kera liya , asee kadun dey kheray aan ). I never knew that people could be so impatient even while buying vegetables. Funny but later it raises some questions in my mind.

Why we are so impatient now? Our society and our global issues are full of stories where intolerance and restiveness create troubles, disputes, negative arguments violence and even wars.

Why we are not following the Islamic practices of Patience and equality, even knowing them very well? (Being a Muslim, this is the key practice which we must follow). I know it’s a big issue to debate on. That’s why I am just sharing this Quran verse to express what I feel and what I have been taught always.

And give good news [of Allah’s rewards] to those who are patient. (Quran , Surah Al-Baqra 2: 155)