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Pakistan’s Film Industry


– Have you ever heard of Lollywood?

– Hollywood

– No, I am saying; Lollywood!!

– May be some of you answer yes or most of you No, Never. What is this?

For people who do not know anything about “Lollywood”, This post is for you.

“Lollywood” is Pakistani Film Industry!

The major film industry of Pakistan is in “Lahore” and to make it filmier and feel it like an international industry it is known as “Lollywood”. Yes same like Indian film industry being in “Bomaby” now “Mumabi” is known as “Bollywood”.

By the way, do you think I have to mention Hollywood here? (Winked)

Yesterday night , I was communicating with my American friend on one of my post “ Karachi ~ Happiness” , She knows very less about Pakistan and its culture and I always try my best to show her my dear country in every way, all the positive’s and negative’s. While chatting, I had a thought to share Art in Pakistan, and then I just feel more and stronger to write about Pakistani Film industry and cinema.

Pakistan Film Industry came into existence. 1948.

“Teri Yaad” is the first-ever feature film released in Pakistan after the independence on 7 August 1948, on Eid. It was the first film released after the birth of Pakistan.



The era between 1948- 1977, was a very classic phase of our films. Films in Urdu and other languages were produced and large audiences watch the movies in cinema houses along with families and friends. Films were based on real society of Pakistan, family disputes, love affairs, land affairs, patriotic movies, political views etc. Music in those films is still used as a Teaching material for music students. They sing those songs with a pride.






Films are one of the most influential medium in my opinion. It impacts in various ways like basic and major trends, thoughts, moods, economics etc. and can portray the society behavior and culture also. One can depict a lot about Country’s fashion, custom’s, cities, major places and a lot more by films and dramas but unfortunately for many years after 1977 ,Pakistani Films covers only a minor and side of Pakistani culture attracting only the minor audience who love such movies.

The Wadera and Chaudhary culture! (Feudal System)


Feudalism in Pakistan is like a disease and it creeps like cancer through the families. Feudal system (which is now very limited and weak) has their own laws for the people who work under them, they can be kind or cruel, since (1978 – 1996) Pakistani film industry produced “Punjabi films” with the “Gundasa culture”, showing a weak person taking revenge from a “Chaudhary or Wadera” (Note: feudal leader, Chaudhary is used in Punjab and Wadera in Sindh, Balochistan).

And this is the era of Pakistani film industry decline; Urdu films were not produced like before. This result in decline of whole film industry, as there was only few audience for Gandasa trend movies. Gandasa is a cylindrical long wooden piece like the one shown in above picture.

There are few Punjabi movies also, which attracted a few more audience but the rate is quite low. One such film was “Mola Jutt”. The dialogues of this movie are still popular and majority of Pakistani (film viewers or non-film viewers) are familiar with the dialogues.


In year 1996, Urdu films revived back, but still the literate audience is not fully back to cinema until 1998, Choriyan by “Syed Noor”, 1999 a movie like “Inteha”, directed by Samina Peerzada attracts a large audience, though it is not liked by the audience which is in badly in love with “Gandasa”. After this, films mood attracts the gone and annoyed audience back.

Many films with a huge business locally and some internationally were produced and helped the industry to stand again.




The latest additions are Waar, Main hun Shahid Afridi, Josh, Lamha , Zinda Bhaag. Most of the film’s plot is based on current situation of Pakistan, where we are facing terrorism by extremist group  ( inside and outside of country).

WAAR 2013 by Bilal Lashari.


MOOR: Upcomin by Jami. ( Click this link to open , very good music and cinematography.)





Some Figures & facts

Pakistan Film Database contains 4264 movies until 2014-04-25, 136 Unreleased “musical” movies are included in these figures. Movies are made in nine different languages.

1677 – Urdu movies

1453 – Punjabi movies

738- Pashto movies

71 – Sindhi movies

160 – Bengali movies

6 – Siraiki movies

2 – Gujarati movies

1 – Hindko movies

3 – English movies

150 – Double version Punjabi/Urdu movies



Pakistan won its first SAARC Film Award on May 20, 2012 for the best documentary film Saving Face by film producer and director Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s. Pakistan also won the Silver Medal in the Best Feature Film category for director Mehreen Jabbar’s film Raam Chand Pakistani. SAARC Film Festival was held at Colombo from 16.-20. May 2012.

Pakistan won first Oscar Award..!

Pakistan won its first Oscar Award Sharmeen Obaid Pakistani filmmaker and first-time Oscar nominee Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy won an Academy Award for her documentary film “Saving Face” on February 26, 2012, which is about acid attack victims. In her acceptance speech, Chinoy dedicated the award to the women of Pakistan. “All the women in Pakistan working for change, don’t give up on your dreams, this is for you,” she said. Directed by Daniel Junge and produced by Sharmeen Chinoy, the film “Saving Face” follows British plastic surgeon Dr. Mohammad Jawad, who returns to his homeland to help victims of acid burns.


Hope you by now you have learned much about Lollywood.

Your views are appreciated.

May Allah bless us all, Ameen