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Mars but Only If ..



One way Mission on Mars and I cannot return to Earth?

Alright but what is the mission?

If the mission is really like something very beneficial and necessary for Earth and for its people and other living creatures then I will surely think of taking this trip but if it is like, okay we just want to confirm the color of mars soil is red, then It’s a BIG NO from me, Why should I leave such a wonderful place and spend my whole life somewhere else, Alone.

Though my soul will be shattered and my eyes will be full of tears, because I do not want to miss a very long long list here on earth.

  1. My Husband and My Family
  2. My home , my bedroom , my bed L
  3. My laptop, my Wi-Fi.
  4. My friends,
  5. Human’s I will miss seeing a Human.
  6. Pizza, Shuwarma , Burger, Daal Rice, Chocolate, Fresh Juices, eggs, cheese, etc etc
  7. Shopping and window shopping,
  8. Watching Reality shows on TV,
  9. Trees, flowers, Nature, yes the whole nature, Blue sky.

And the day will come when I will even start missing the power cut downs, high utility bills, protests, Traffic jams etc. etc. hehehe. I will just miss being human, being alive. I will feel like a dead person there, if that planet doesn’t have any life.

It will be very hard for me to leave but if the mission is worthwhile then I will sacrifice my life for the safety and wellness of earth, as I feel saving one life is like saving whole humanity and this is what I believe in and this is what Islam teaches us.

Life is here, and life is beautiful with Family , friends and by Allah’s so much blessing’s that HE Almighty has showered on us, Food, Water, Nature and Love.

I just wish that this EARTH will remain safe and clean for all of us, for our children’s and their children’s and so on.

May Allah bless us all and our loved ones. Ameen

May Allah bless our Earth. Ameen.



This post is written in response of Daily Prompt.


Longing for Gravity

You are on a mission to Mars. Because of the length of of the journey, you will never be able to return to Earth. What about our blue planet will you miss the most?


Welcome to KITKAT planet



A lovely morning again, I just wake up and prayed and right now I am planning for a big day ahead, I am so excited because my friend a biologist from Earth are coming to visit my place for the very first time to learn about my planet “KITKAT”.

I opened my windows manually (though they also sense my voice to open or close, but I enjoy manual function still) and a big bright yellow sun with orange dancing rays welcomes me. The warm rays in this cool weather give me an immense comfort. Golden and silver colored beautifully glowing birds are humming around my window; their deep blue eyes with big lashes are so beautiful. I just love these morning birds, they can be seen only in morning as the sun starts moving towards south and the dancing rays turn into yellow color, they hide themselves and nobody can find them.

Its 7:00 A.M … Time for Breakfast Afsheen…

Its 7:00 A.M … Time for Breakfast Afsheen…


I must take my breakfast now, because I have to pick my friends from SPACEPORT at 8:00 A.M, I walked towards my backyard garden and touched my favorite tree, its round and only 10 feet long, with bright pink color leaves and purple color fruits. I touched the tree twice and the purple fruit jumps into my hand. I love to eat this fruit in my breakfast. It’s sweet and juicy like a cocktail with mix flavors.

I get ready and wear my purple gown having elegant red and dull gold embroidery on the neck and sleeves with golden scarf which glows because it is made up of glowing silk worms and golden flat sandals. This is the traditional dress here which we must wear when we are going to welcome someone from the other planet. This dress informs everyone on my planet that some alien is going to arrive soon and it makes the person special that day.

A very special ride for guests is arranged by the SPACEPORT but I have to take my own ride. My red flying shuttles with a superb auto drive technology till Spaceport. I reached there in time and everyone welcomed my biologist friend. Now we sit together in the special ride which is transparent flying shuttle which gives us a perfect feeling of flying in the air. It is fun, thrill and scary for some people but as soon as you realize that it is safe for ride you start enjoying. She saw the buildings which are dome shaped but not so tall. I told her that we are environment friendly, and every single person is responsible for keeping this planet clean and healthy. We recycle everything and every person is obligatory to grow 20 trees annually, if they don’t do this I being a chief of this planet fine them.

My friend was so amazed and her eyes were like stop blinking. The sun, birds, vehicles, technology, and the weather ahh I just forget to tell this the fun part. When my friend arrived the sun was bright and shiny but when we reached home weather suddenly changed and the wind becomes so cold and all of the sudden snow fall starts, but the snowflakes were like beautiful star shaped. It was a beautiful moment when huge birds with white body, red beak and green and blue wings fly on the sky and enjoy the snowfall. Weather on this planet is unpredictable.

After having a wonderful Lunch at home we went to Safari park because my friend was so excited to learn about flora and fauna of this planet. The first thing we saw in safari park was a yellow colored tiny hippopotamus pair and then a big multicolored deer’s jumping quickly here and there. Trees on this planet are very special, pink, yellow and blue trees were making the Park so unique. We also have green trees which are very tall like 100 – 200 feet. On these trees we have resorts and small cafes also, we stepped over a lift and it took us to a famous resort situated on the tallest tree of this planet. From here we can have a wonderful view of this planet.

The most beautiful scene was sunset when the sun moves toward west the sky changes so many colors, orange- red- blues- purples- and then black. Stars seem so big here; we have 2 moons here which are so big and opposite to each other. All of this makes my friend a REAL ALIEN. We have a delicious dinner and lift take us back to the bottom.

The day was wonderful and now it’s time for my friend to get back to earth. I presented her a cute pink colored plant which can survive on earth but I am sure it is the only plant on earth which produces 7 colored rose.