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The Beautiful Blogger Award !


Hello Readers and Friends,

I am very glad and honored to receive this award by Aiman Peer @ http://aimanpeer.wordpress.com/, I am very obliged and feel happy to receive these token of loves, and yes I called these award as “Token of Love”.


Each passing day when my friends and bloggers appreciate my blog and feel the love in my words I feel more light and happy. It seems like I am moving towards my target gradually but smoothly.

The rules of the award state that I have to pick 7 blogs and write a short description about their work. Now, here are my nominations for this award:

1. http://kaligrafinusantaraonline.wordpress.com – He is a Blogger whose aim is to spread the true Islam, peaceful and lovely. I love the way he managed the blog, sections related to Ahadees, Wall papers, saying of Prophet and Quran verses are so informative for those who seeks knowledge. He seems like a loyal person who cares for all.

2. http://glorialana.wordpress.com/ ~ She is a wonderful blogger and human, I have never communicated with her in chats or comments but I read her posts and the way she say HELLO GOD and talk to him , thanks for everything that God blessed us is so down to earth and beautiful , She is beautiful with beautiful soul.

3. http://alittlepositivity.com ~ she brings positivity to life, the first look of her blog is also so colorful, peaceful and full of life. You can find quotes, inspirational stories, photos, and so much more here.

4. http://levithetford.com ~ He has a very strong faith in GOD and He truly writes all what he feels about GOD. I liked his writing, though I never have a chat with him, the best I know about him is his Blog. I also want to add that; It does not matter what religion we all follow , Right is that person who spread peace and love to all, as I believe and I mentioned this many times before, ALL RELIGIONS TAUGHT PEACE AND LOVE FOR HUMANITY AND FOR EVERY LIVING THING.

5. http://flowersandbreezes.wordpress.com/ ~ she writes with her heart, she is a strong lady with a strong mind. I like the blog and the photos she creates by herself.

6. http://dragoneystory.wordpress.com ~ initially I love his about page where he said his daughter is his inspiration. Many illiterate people in Asian society (India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh MAINLY) don’t like to have daughter. They feel it is a burden on them, as they have to feed them and then give dowry as well. Anyway I like his taste of 80’s music, photos.

7. http://lifeconfusions.wordpress.com ~ she is my good friend, and a good writer, She makes me smile whenever she post something. She also have a MUSIC I LOVE page same as I. She hates politics, like to watch TV shows and so much which is in common with me. But this is not the reason to award her  it is a sweet blog with a very positive energy.

Please accept this Award with love.

May Allah bless you all. ameen