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New Me :)



It’s good to be back after December 17th 2014.
So, what was the reason of my absence, hmmm … I am glad to share this with you my blogosphere friends!!
I am a mother of a sweet boy now, MashaAllah, born on 23rd December 2014. Life turns really beautiful and busy with this sweet angel .I am totally engaged with my sweet boy since then , now he is getting a proper routine and it’s possible to give time to my blog again.
Yaaayyy ! 😀
After all this is the place where I really feels like MY SPACE. Where my heart speaks!
Hope to see you all again, and May Allah bless you all and your loved ones, ameen !

First Hero


I was reading today’s daily prompt replies and their are so many Blogger’s whose FATHER were their hero and still are.

I was smiling and thinking the same. My Father is my first hero 🙂 and he will remain my first hero.


Mother and Father told me that i use to sleep on his chest only when i was child, I was close to him more than my mother. I have so many photos with my father  of my childhood where i am always sitting on his lap or he is holding me but i am not able to post them here right now as they are at my parents home.

Still, I share all the secrets with him. My bad’s and good’s he knows everything very well.He is my strength and pride. He always saved me and supported me .I love him from a core of my heart and i respect him so much.




Life is the Best Teacher!


Today’s Topic 🙂 —

What’s your learning style? Do you prefer learning in a group and in an interactive setting? Or one-on-one? Do you retain information best through lectures, or visuals, or simply by reading books?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us LEARNING



It reminded me of so many life phases which have been passed, but they are the part of my good and bad memories. Now and forever.

When i was very young (6-8 years) i loved to study with my imaginary class fellows 😀 where actually i was the teacher, teaching my age fellow’s who were just some toys or pillows or sometimes the fellows were the tree leaves :D. I still remember i used to talk with trees and leaves. They also answered me. (When the wind blow them a lil, i consider that my answer).

When i grew up a lil bit more , about 10 -12 years, i was really afraid of studying, My mother ran after me to send me to school or tuition but i always refuse. The reason behind this fear and lack of interest was , the environment of teaching and the teachers themselves. I still remember those horrified teachers and their bad behaviors. Not all of them , but few. But the impact was so bad over me and obviously other children as well.

We sometimes forget that we are dealing with an innocent soul, who do not know what is the harshness of world, they ( elders) have no right to introduce the damn cold world to those young hearts so early.

When i went to school i just love to study with my best friend. We study together, eat together, play together, we dress up alike on events like Eid , we stay with each other all day and till mid night. Our parents were so tired of us :). Luckily we lived in the same street , her home was just 3 homes apart from mine. That was the good time. Time has taken that friend of mine to somewhere i don’t know. We just lost contact.

College- I was a real fun loving person 😀 , i hardly study at that time .. but i remember i used to study alone. I faced so many hard times when i was in college, so really do not study. Just passes the exam hardly.

In University- That was the most enjoyable part of my life really. I enjoyed every bit of that phase. I liked to study in groups and my fellows take help from me as well. We study in groups after our classes are over and discuss the topic in fun way, visualize it differently and in more easy way. It keeps the lesson in our mind. And this is the most effective way of studying that is why i was a position holder in my department of Microbiology.

Professional life- Here i start learning peoples behavior, their attitude , their intentions, I learned alot from my professional life.

but above all..

Life , Life teaches us everything. I study biology, microbiology in school , college and university, but Life taught me what am i really ? why do i exist ? what are my responsibilities ? What is my purpose to live and then to die ?

Life teaches me where, when and how to utilize my skills ? Who deserves my love and respect , and who don’t even deserve my hater?

All i can say and believe is Life is a best teacher which is sometimes rude and sometimes kind.

And Life teaches one- on- one ONLY.