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New Me :)



It’s good to be back after December 17th 2014.
So, what was the reason of my absence, hmmm … I am glad to share this with you my blogosphere friends!!
I am a mother of a sweet boy now, MashaAllah, born on 23rd December 2014. Life turns really beautiful and busy with this sweet angel .I am totally engaged with my sweet boy since then , now he is getting a proper routine and it’s possible to give time to my blog again.
Yaaayyy ! 😀
After all this is the place where I really feels like MY SPACE. Where my heart speaks!
Hope to see you all again, and May Allah bless you all and your loved ones, ameen !

Every second turning us in Gold


Daily Prompt: Generation XYZ

Think about the generation immediately younger or older than you. What do you understand least about them — and what can you learn from them?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us AGE.



Where I live seeing someone older and younger than you is quite interesting and for some quite weird.

We have our special tradition and values to treat and manage AGE difference. In Asian culture, especially Indo-Pak culture, we stay dependent on our parents until we get married and even after that we don’t like taking decisions without their positive response and happiness. We value their suggestions and we are always afraid of their anger and sadness.

Mostly we live in joint family system, grandparents, aunt, uncles, and cousins all together until the house become really small for living. This is the major reason of getting separate houses. This family pattern teaches us a very unique way of living which is hardly seen in western culture.

How to listen and obey elders?

How to live in a joint family system?

How to share things with family?

How to tolerate anger?

How to stay friendly and happy?

How to keep secrets: P? hehehe

And so many things ….

Also, Islam taught us the perfect way of treating older and younger ages.

For Parents in Quran:

“… And that you be dutiful to your parents. If one of them or both of them attain old age in your life, say not to them a word of disrespect, nor shout at them but address them in terms of honor. And lower unto them the wing of submission and humility through mercy, and say: “My Lord! Bestow on them Your Mercy as they did bring me up when I was small.” (17:23, 24)

For Elder’s in Hadith:

Imam Ali (AS) – Prophet Cousin and 4th Caliph maintained: “The advice of old-men is dearer than the bravery of young men.”

Anas (companion of Prophet) reports from the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W), as saying: “If a young man shows respect to an old-man on account of his old-age, Allah will create for him at his old-age someone who will show him respect, too.”

For Orphan Children:

Imam Ali son of Abu Talib (as) was always attentive to orphans especially to those of the martyrs. He used to visit them and sit, chat and play with them He used to take care of their education and training. He would strive to solve their difficulties and always offered them guidance and advice. He would bring them gifts and, if they were poor, he would respectfully provide their expenses.

Parents deities for Children in light of Quran:

Children have the right to be fed, clothed, and protected until they reach adulthood.

Children must have the respect, to enjoy love and affection from their parent.

Children have the right to be treated equally,in terms of financial gifts.


Generation to generation we are passing our Islamic and Traditional customs and practices, and though many things are modified and altered but still the root are old and same. Most of the people in my society including myself thinks that they have changed and modern values has taken away the old one but sooner or later in our lives we caught ourselves in doing the same old practice which our Parents and grandparents do. It’s in our blood, in our nature.

And i believe Old is Gold and every second turning us in gold.


No words.


Daily Prompt: Fast Forward

If you could fast forward to a specific date in the future, when would it be?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FORWARD.


I don’t have words today…

Pictures are saying all …



May Allah bless us…ameen


Always Blessed !


Today’s Daily Prompt topic is :

Was there a toy or thing you always wanted as a child, during the holidays or on your birthday, but never received? Tell us about it.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us DESIRE.



I read this topic and i start thinking… thinking … thinking and thinking….. But i could not think of one single thing that i desired when i was a child.No Toy , Nothing at all.

I was a very calm and peaceful child , i never cried or insisted for anything, my parents always tried their best to provide us everything we needed and asked them. So i was a child who is always blessed and still blessed and will be INSHA-ALLAH.

But if it comes to a feeling, there was one thing that i had gone through when i was a school going child.One wish that arose in my heart sometimes was to gain a little weight , as i was a very skinny  and tall girl ( though i am not fat even now), my school fellows make fun of me on that time and i hate that thing. I wanted to stay away from all those taunts and comments. This feeling comes when ever i heard some comments and then it vanished, gone like it never existed. I believe that this complex was not never kept with me for long and it was failed to hurt me because of my parents love and support.They always trusted me and loved me as i am the most beautiful and strongest child of the world, and they still do, Thanks them and above all Allah for blessing me with kind parents.

I think, that i am always a person who don’t desire much and i thanks Allah for making me such a person. It is good to desire less, wish less , and leave everything on Allah. Just give your best shot for whatever comes into your life and keep your intention pure and kind for yourself and everyone else.

Allah will shower all his blessing on us. Ameen