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Fly with Blu – RIO 2


–         Are we really going to watch RIO 2 3D Movie:-o

~ Yes, we are at 6:00 P.M

–         Man, I’m really excited to watch 3D movie for the very first time: D…


Yes, I experienced 3D movie first time and the cinema 2nd time: P, I have never been to cinema before getting married. (And now I ask myself why ..? huh)

Okay coming back to RIO 2, Blu with his all technology and city life: D.


Along with his beautiful family , Jewel and kids.

Amazon king PAPA, SIR.


Wow… what a wonderful treat for my eyes and mind. Experiencing this movie in 3D is much more fun.

I love the poisonous lovely pink frog Gabi, and her love with Nigel, how passionate and desperate.


The Character of Gabi’s look so beautiful and unique in terms of her colors.


The most fun parts were, Auditions in Amazon jungle, performance of Turtles, Koala bear, Mosquito’s every single bit was superb fun.

I also loved the part where Blue parrots celebrate the family union in amazon jungle; it was impressive and delightful to watch.

 And the most logical and wise saying in movie was:

Happy Wife, Happy Life


The house (probably ladies only) laughs on this dialogue every time Blu said it, and Me, Yes I looked at my husband and repeat the dialogue: P with a smile on my face. Hehehe

What a wise saying  —- Happy Wife, Happy Life!

A wonderful Movie to watch, worth enough to go cinema 😛