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Moments(Acceptance/ denial) !

Moments(Acceptance/ denial) !


Some moments are very rare, sudden and precious!

Like right now 12:37 AM, I was in bed few minutes ago, sleepy and tired and then suddenly I just wanted to speak out my heart, Sleep gone, and my eyes are wide open, brain is supplying currents to neurons on quite a good rate. (I AM GLAD TO FEEL LIKE WRITING AFTER A LONG TIME).

Coming back to rare and sudden moments, and this time I am talking about VERY PRECIOUS ONE.

I am a very average Human being when it comes to religion.

Months passed by and I don’t even open the holy book “QURAN” and then those moments when I am attracted to the book and I desperately start reading.

There are times when I don’t even notice that I didn’t offer a single prayer in a day, and there are times when I just leave everything and rush to pray; Leaving a prayer is like A BIG NO then, not because I think of SIN and all, it’s like meeting someone who really cares for you like a mother or like boosting my energy level giving you courage to move in life at your best.

I know what my religion says, Obligations, sins, rules, principals, everything! I know what is heaven for and what is hell!

But still ……

I, not only me most of us do a lot in our daily routine, family, jobs, social circle, hobbies, etc etc , even if we are tired , still we do for the sake of relationships, for earning good money, for making our life’s better, more luxurious and comfortable , but when it comes to Allah we give excuses for our basic religious practices.

May be because ALLAH can forgive you and MAN cannot.


How natural this saying is, very close to human nature, supporting and giving preference to humanity. Love and kindness for mankind! Not only Muslims, the whole MANKIND regardless of religion.

Allah is the most kind, and YES for people like me this is the way of finding peace. (Or a GOOD EXCUSE to satisfy ourselves)

Whatever it is, the feeling of knowing,acceptance and denying, the presence or absence, whatever is the reason I just ask Allah for MERCY and peace for every single person on this globe.

I don’t know how many people of different religion gone through this feeling but I am sure I am not the only one. 🙂



Lord of Martyrs Imam Hussain (A.S) leave Madina for Makkah, 28 Rajab!


Lord of Martyrs Imam Hussain (pbuh) leave Madina for Makkah, 28 Rajab, Zainab-e-Kubra (pbuh), Muhammad Ibn Hanafiyyah.

In the month of Rajab; exactly four months remained for Hajj. During the time of Hajj, people from every corner of the country would come for pilgrimage to Makkah. He could then easily convey his message to the people, Imam Hussain (A.S) knew that if he were to start his Qiyam and struggle from Makkah, all the world of Islam would become aware of his objectives and then it would not be so easy for the regime to deceive the people about him and his aims.

Imam Hussain (A.S) determined to leave Madina for Makkah at the earliest opportunity before the Governor and related officials had any knowledge of his intentions of departure.

This decision was announced before the members of his family and was a secret matter. However, the other people belonging to the tribe of Banu Hashim soon came to know about the matter and came to visit Imam Hussain (A.S). After coming to know about the reasons of this sudden journey, they expressed their views in opposition to Imam Hussain’s decision, either because they were afraid that he would get killed, or because they were not courageous enough to follow him. But his resolve to uphold the right was not shaken by such objections or threats.

Ummul Momeneen (mother of believers), Umm-e-Salama, one of the Prophets wives, clung to him and adjured him not to go. Then told him, quoting from the Apostle of God (pbuh) that he would be martyred. Imam Hussain (A.S) informed her soothingly, “Indeed, I know I am going to be martyred, mother.”

There were two persons among the visitors with whom Imam Hussain had a lengthy conversation and upon whose lives his decision had a direct impact. The first of them was Muhammad Ibn Hanafiyyah, the eldest of his brothers who, after conferring with Imam Hussain (A.S) wanted to accompany him on this fateful journey. Imam Hussain (A.S), however, told him to stay and send him the reports of everyday events that passed in Madina during his absence. He told him that the only person who was capable of fulfilling this sensitive and dangerous responsibility of reporting about the reaction of the regime in Madina and the opinion of the masses there, as an aware and well-informed observer, was Muhammad Ibn Hanafiyyah. Therefore he had to stay behind and carry out this duty assigned to him.

The second person was Zainab-e-Kubra (pbuh) his younger sister, the wife of Abdullah son of Ja’far. When she saw that Imam Hussain’s decision was final and that nobody could make him turn away from it. She was deeply moved, with, grief choking her, voice and tears in her eyes, she spoke to him in these words: “Dear brother! After Grandfather [Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)], Father [Imam Ali (A.S)], Mother [Bibi Fatima (S.A)] and Brother Hassan (A.S), only you remain to console my heart and of all of them it is only you who are left. I cannot bear your separation. How can I stay here with unbearable worry and anxiety about what may happen? Is it not possible that I might be of some service to you if I come along?”

Imam Hussain (A.S) replied: “No sister. You are a woman with a house, husband and children to take care of. Your husband is an illustrious man. I am not the one to decide about your affairs. It is Abdullah son of Ja’far who can give you the permission. As to myself, I have no alternative but to leave.”

Abdullah son of Ja’far (who was himself suffering from sickness at that time) agreed to Zainab’s accompanying her brother on the journey. Not only this, he sent two of his sons Aun and Muhammad to accompany her by saying; “Aun will represent his maternal Grandfather Imam Ali (A.S) and the other will represent his paternal Grandfather Ja’far-e-Tayyar.”

Less than thirty hours after his meeting with the governor, Imam Hussain (A.S) was prepared to leave. As he was making his preparations, he was brought the news that the governor had summoned all other persons who had opposed Yazid’s allegiance and conferred with them. One of the opponents of the regime, Abdullah son of Al-Zubayr had secretly left for Makkah the night before. He was pursued by the Government’s men who could not trace him since he had not used the usual road to Makkah.

Not more than a few hours were left for his departure when for the last time he visited the tombs of his Grandfather, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), his mother, Bibi Fatima (S.A) & his brother Imam Hassan Mujtaba (A.S).

As he was returning, he met Marwan on the way who told him: “I want to give you some advice. I think it is best for your worldly life as well as your Hereafter that you accept to give allegiance to Yazid. Do not put yourself and your relatives into trouble.” “Inna Lillahe wa Inna Ilaihe Raje’oon, And bid farewell to Islam?” replied Imam Hussain (A.S).

If Marwan did not understand Imam Hussain’s words, others understood afterwards. Obviously Imam Hussain (A.S) wanted to say, “If I agree to support Yazid’s corrupt Government, then Islam will be wiped out without any trace. Opposition to Yazid may prove to be costly, but anyhow we would have saved our Hereafter. Indeed everything comes from God and returns unto Him.”

Just before Imam Hussain (A.S) left Madina, Ummul Banin (Mother of Sons) or Fatima daughter of Hazam, the mother of Abbas (pbuh). Summoned all her four sons (Abbas, Abdulla, Ja’far and Uthman) and said to them, “My sons you must remember that, Imam Hussain (A.S) is your Master. If Imam or his sisters or his children get injured or hurt while you are still alive, I will never forgive you.” There were tears in Abbas’s eyes as he promised his mother that he and his brothers would lay down their lives for Imam Hussain (A.S) and his children.

Two days remaining until the end of the month of Rajab, on the night of Sunday, Imam Hussain (A.S) left Madina for Makkah with a most simple caravan together with his family and a few companions. As he left, this verse of Quran was on his lips, a verse which relates the story of Moses (pbuh) as he fled from Pharaoh’s Egypt: He therefore got away there from, looking about, in a state of fear. He prayed “O my Lord! Save me from people given to wrong-doing.” Holy Quran (28:21)

The night passed, and, as the travelers drew away from Madina, the sun came up. One of the relatives came to Imam Hussain (A.S) and suggested that the caravan leave the highway for the danger of being stopped by pursuers: “It is possible that they might pursue us like Abdullah son of Al-Zubayr and catch up with us and cause us trouble.” Apparently the suggestion was a good one. But Imam Hussain (A.S), in view of the open and sublime nature of his objectives replied, “I will never deviate from the right way. And you too, friend of Hussain, always choose the right road and move straight. God will be your protector. There is no danger of losing the way as long as you chose to travel on the straight highway!”

The caravan completed its five day journey from Madina to Makkah and entered the city on the 3rd of Sha’ban of the year 60 Hijrah. As he entered the city, Imam Hussain (pbuh) hopefully murmured this verse of the Quran – the words uttered by Prophet Moses (pbuh) as he entered Madyan fleeing Pharaoh’s men: Then, when he turned his face towards (the land of) Madyan, he said: “I do hope that my Lord will show me the smooth and straight Path.” Holy Quran (28:22) and there he chose to stay at the house of Al-Abbas son of Abdul Mutalib.

The news of his coming soon spread through the city and all men who held any significant social position hurried to see him. The governor of Makkah, other city officials and similarly many important personalities of the city came to pay a visit.

Soon, the busy hours of visitors rushing to see Imam Hussain (A.S) came to pass and the days took a normal and relaxed aspect. It was during this time that most of the visitors wanted to find out Imam Hussain’s views about Caliphate and the general political conditions of the time.

It did not take much time for the people to know that Imam Hussain’s movement from Madina was a gesture of opposition to the regime and a protest against the orders sent from the Syrian court to the Governor of Madina. Very soon this news spread to all parts of the country; it reached the capital in Syria and other provinces.

Yazid become aware that Imam Hussain (A.S) had made the determination to oppose his Government, even as he had refused before to give allegiance to this nomination as crown prince. He discussed the matter with his courtiers and asked them for advice. They held the opinion that it seemed inadvisable to take any hasty step. They advised that it was better to wait and discover the dimensions that Imam Hussain’s opposition might take. It seemed possible that he would settle down in Makkah and maintain his silence as before. They suggested that any attempts at his persecution would only help to aggravate the prevailing situation. They reminded him about Muawiya’s advice that if Imam Hussain (A.S) continued his silence, it was sufficient for Yazid and that his persecution was inadvisable under any condition.

In the mean time the news about the political uprising in Kufa reached Makkah, and the leaders of the city wrote a letter in which they declared their opposition to the Umayyads rule, and they would not accept anybody else but Imam Hussain (A.S) to rule them. This letter was followed twelve thousand (12,000) similar letters, Fruits have ripened and fields have become green. If you come you will have one thousand swords supporting you. If you do not come to us, we will dispute with you in front of God at doomsday.

Imam Hussain (A.S) could neither blindly accept the call from Kufa, because he had seen how the people of Kufa had not come to his father’s help when he needed them, and how they had mistreated his brother Imam Hassan (A.S). The Kufees (people of Kufa) who were known for their unstable character and unsettled conduct, if later turn treacherous, the world would question Imam Hussain’s ready response to their call without the necessary caution. Therefore Imam Hussain (A.S) decided to send a deputy of his to Kufa to write to him after studying the sincerity in the invitation.

Muslim son of Aqeel – the Holy Imam’s Deputy to Kufa


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Music with all it’s Controversy !


Music is the food of soul, that’s what most of us believe. Music has taken as an international language and yes it has an ability to express feeling and emotions in more impactful way than any other art medium, it could spread the message like a jungle fire. But still it’s not accepted in all religions.

In Islam, it is prohibited, some says it’s Haram completely some says, a type of Qawali or Sufi music is not haram because this music directs you to Allah and his Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w), and all the practices of Islam.

There is a concept in Islamic society, that anything which is on the edge of Haram and Halal shall be avoided, so that the chances of adopting haram (sinful act), unintentionally or intentionally completely subsides.

Now the strange thing is, Music is present is all Islamic countries, including Pakistan, even in Saudia Arabia where Islam is the only religion and where laws are according to Islam. Their folk music and dance (Ardha- sword dance) is very popular and we have seen royal families and royal guests dancing many times.

Here is an interesting link to watch, you can see the dance and could listen the music beat.


Mizmar, Daff, Drums are the most basic instruments that are used in this music. And it is a common view in Islam that Daff is not prohibited in Islam. Duffs and Drums have been used in wars and at the time of announcements. In history it has been evident on many places before or after Islam.

Like, on the migration from Makkah to Madina, Holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) was warmly welcomed by the locals and little girls played duff in rejoice which Prophet did not stopped. This is admitted by most of the Islamic scholars and on basis of this they accept that playing duff is not haram.But on other occasions many scholars has so much evidences that, Allah and Prophet (s.a.w.w.) prohibited music and singing and relate it to hell.

There are Sufi poets who have written so much precious words on Allah and his prophet (s.a.w.w) and this poetry is then sung by Sufi singers and together they bring so much people very near to Islam. People who do not want to go in detail study of Islam for any reason, they listen to such music and learn so much, as they poets use real facts of Islam and never tried to astray the followers.

Sufi poets Like , Bulleh Shah, Khuwaja Ghulam Farid, Sultan Baho, Rabia Basri, Rumi and so much more, their work has been taken as a treasure.

Then, there are Qawal’s, play Qawali, is also a type of music relates to religion, Here is the link of my favorite Qawali.


There are forms of Music like Jugni which is also tells story of Islam.

Even in Naat’s (Praising Prophet p.b.u.h) duffs has been used. How could be such music is considered as haram which leads to a right way?

This controversy is everlasting and it will remain confusing for all of us. Some scholars wirte it Halal and some write it as Haram.

My personal view is, the thing which can takes you to positive side is always right. The music which can arise patriotic, Islamic or other positive feelings is better than that which arose negative feelings of violence, false thoughts, abusive language etc. I used the word BETTER, but I am still not sure about Haram or Halal.

May Allah help us in finding the right way. Ameen

Holy Book !


Worldly Encounters

The friendly, English-speaking extraterrestrial you run into outside your house is asking you to recommend the one book, movie, or song that explains what humans are all about. What do you pick?



Allah says in the Qur’an in Sura Bani-Israel, verse 9:

“Indeed this Qur’an guides to the path which is clearer and straighter than any other.”

“and We have revealed the Book to you explaining clearly everything (16:89).


Sufi Poetry by Khuwaja Ghulam Farid


Shrine Khuwaja Ghulam Farid: Photo by Ghilzai

Shrine Khuwaja Ghulam Farid: Photo by Ghilzai

Meda Ishq Vi Toon Meda Yaar Vi Toon
Meda Deen Vi Toon Eeman Vi Toon

Meda Jism Vi Toon Meda Rooh Vi Toon
Meda Qalb Vi Toon Jind Jaan Vi Toon

Meda Kaba Qibla Masjid Mimbar
Mushaf Te Quran Vi Toon

Mede Farz Fareezay, Hajj, Zakataan
Soum Salaat Azaan Vi Toon

Meri Zohd Ibadat Ta’at Taqwa
Ilm Vi Toon Irfan Vi Toon

Mera Zikr Vi Toon Meda Fikr Vi Toon
Mera Zouq Vi Toon Wajdan Vi Toon

Meda Sanwal Mithra Shaam Saloona
Mun Mohan Janaan Vi Toon

Meda Murshid Haadi Peer Tareeqat
Shaikh Haqaa’iq Daan Vi Toon

Meda Aas Ummed Te Khattaya Wattaya
Takia Maan Taran Vi Toon

Mera Dharam Vi Toon Meda Bharam Vi Toon
Meda Sharam Vi Toon Meda Shaan Vi Toon

Meda Dukh Sukh Ro’wan Khilan Vi Toon
Meda Dard Vi Toon Darmaan Vi Toon

Mda Khushiyan Da Asbaab Vi Toon
Mede Soolaan Da Samaan Vi Toon

Mera Husn Te Bhaag Suhaag Vi Toon
Meda Bakht Te Naam Nishaan Vi Toon

Meda Ishq Vi Toon Meda Yaar Vi Toon
Meda Deen Vi Toon Eeman Vi Toon

Meda Jism Vi Toon Meda Rooh Vi Toon
Meda Qalb Vi Toon Jind Jaan Vi Toon

Meda Kaba Qibla Masjid Mimbar
Mushaf Te Quran Vi Toon

Meda Ishq Vi Toon Meda Yaar Vi Toon
Meda Deen Vi Toon Eeman Vi Toon
Meda Ishq Vi Toon Meda Yaar Vi Toon

Aaa Ooo (Chants…)
Meda Dekhan Bhalan Jachan Jochan
Samjhan Jaan Sunjaan Vi Toon

Mede Thadray Saah Te Monjh Munjhari
Hanjroon De Tofaan Vi Toon

Mede Tilk Tilo’ay Seendhaan Mangaan
Naaz Nihoray Taan Vi Toon

Medi Mehdni Kajal Misaag Vi Toon
Medi Surkhi Beera Paan Vi Toon

Meda Ishq Vi Toon Meda Yaar Vi Toon

Medi Wehshat Josh Junoon Vi Toon (Aaa)
Meda Garya Aa’h O Faghan Vi Toon (Aaa)

Meda Awwal Aakhir Andar Bahir
Zahir Te Pinhaan Vi Toon Tooon

Meda Ishq Vi Toon Meda Yaar Vi Toon

Aaaa Meda Waal Aakhir Andar Baahir
Zahir Te Pinhaan Vi Toon

Meda Badal Barkha Khimniyan Gajaan (Aaa)
Barish Te Baraan Vi Toon

Meda Mulk Malir Te Maro Khalra
Rohi Cholistaan Vi Toon

Je Yaar Farid Qabool Karay
Srikaar Vi Toon Sultaan Vi Toon

Na Taan Kehtar Kamtar Ahqar Adna
La-Shay La-Imkaan Vi Toon

Meda Ishq Vi Toon Meda Yaar Vi Toon
Meda Ishq Vi Toon Meda Yaar Vi Toon.

Shrine of Khuwaja Ghulam Farid, Photo by Ghilzai

Shrine of Khuwaja Ghulam Farid, Photo by Ghilzai



You Are My Ardour
You are my ardour, my friend, faith, creed.
You are my body, you are my spirit, heart, soul.
You’re the direction towards which I pray.
You are my Mecca, my mosque, my pulpit.
You are my holy books and my Quran.
You are my religious obligations,
My Hajj, charity, fasting, call to prayer.
You are my asceticism, worship,
My obedience and my piety.
You are my knowledge and you’re my gnosis .
You’re my remembrance, my contemplation
You are my tasting and my ecstasy.
You are my love, my sweet, my darling, my honey
You are my favourite, and my soulmate!
You’re my spiritual preceptor, my guide ,
You are my Shaykh and my Enlightened One
You are my hope, my wish, my gains, losses.
You’re all I see, my pride, my deliv’rance.
You’re my faith, my honour, modesty, glory
You’re my pain, sorrow, my crying, playing
You are my illness and my remedy.
You are what lulls me to a peaceful sleep.
You are my beauty and my fate, fortune, fame.
You are my looking, enquiring, seeking
You are my understanding, my knowing
You are my henna, my collyrium,
My rouge, my tobacco, my betel-leaf!
You are my terror, my passion, madness
You’re my crying and my lamentation.
You are my Alpha and my Omega,
My Inner, Outer, Hidden, Manifest.
If, O’Belovéd, you accept Farid
You are my Sovereign and my Sultan.


Inside View of Shrine, Photo by Ghilzai

Inside View of Shrine, Photo by Ghilzai


The Best Garment


This post is written in response to



O children of Adam, we have provided you with garments to cover your bodies, as well as for luxury. But the best garment is the garment of righteousness. These are some of God’s signs, that they may take heed. (7:26)




Backpack for Life


Do you find it easy to make new friends? Tell us how you’ve mastered the art of befriending a new person.



These days i am reading a book ” Backpack for Life- an interpretation of Eighty Prophetic Traditions” by Qanbar Ali Taymuri, Translated by Vahida Shekofti and Mubina Vizjee published and printed by Islamic Research Foundation, Astan Quds Razavi , Mashhad- Iran.

This book as subtitle indicates is about Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) sayings about dealing life in a very simple but wise way.

When I see today’s daily prompt , some of the Prophet saying’s strikes in my mind which I read earlier.  These following saying are perfect rules which can make us master in the art of befriending a new person. I believe in them and i try my best to follow these basic  human practices so that i could be in a list of those rich people who have wealth of sincere friends and who can be a trustworthy for others.

Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) says:


You do not have that much wealth to please everyone, so try to please people by your cheerfulness. ( Wasa’il as Shia Vol 2, P.222.)


I swear to God that my life is in His Hands, people can not give any better chairty, more lovable than saying good words.” (Mizan al Hikma Vol, 7. P.3044, T.10401.)


Some peoples’ friendship is only for carnal desires.

A few other peoples’ friendship is for gaining profit,

Some other peoples’ friendship is nothing but a cold greeting.

However, a believer’s friendship is that’ to look at him with respect, to love him, to benefit him from one’s wealth, not to backbite, visit him  when he is sick and when he dies, to attend his funeral procession and after his death not to say anything bad about him.( Man La Yahdaru al Faqih, Vol. 4 P.398)


When anyone of you likes your friend, express your feelings. (Mizan al-Hikma Vol 1, P.72, T, 201)


The person who does not accept people apologies either acceptable or unacceptable will not be with us by the foundation of Kausar. (Mizan al-Hikma , Vol 1, P.3534, T.12117)


Give gifts to each other to strengthen y our bond of love. Since gifts increase love and remove displeasure.( Nahj-ul-Fasaha, P.238, T.1189)


Whoever does something good to you and is kind to you , give him something in return and if you cannot , then pray for him” ( Nahj-ul-Fasaha, P.611, T.2992)


The best believer is the one whom people get friendly with. However, the person whom people can not get friendly with and he himself does not try to get friendly with people, there is no blessing in him.” ( Mizan al Hikma, Vol 1, P. 170, T, 655)


When you find the three characteristic of prudence, trusteeship and honesty in your friend, have hope in him , otherwise don’t have hope in him. (Nahj-al-Fasaha, P.39, T, 205)

These are the perfect rules to be a good friend for people and to make people your very good friend.

May Allah help us all to be a good person and to spread love and peace all around us. ameen.


Eid Milad-un-Nabi (S.A.W.W)


Birth of the Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) was celebrated on Tuesday 14th February 2014.

These pictures were taken from different locations of Lahore by myself. I love the lights OUT OF FOCUS 🙂


























There were so many times things which were seemed to be under control and were able to achieve successfully, and they just collapsed. In Personal life, work life, health or emotional issues, etc. I was so close to finally fulfill my dream or wish but Fails.

I looked for reasons and any error or mistake but never realized them at that time, though when things moves on and times passes by, the past lost is clearly understood.

All the reasons…Efforts…Error’s… Mistakes…Why…When…What… I understood everything.

We all have this experience that we did our best for certain tasks and it seems that there are no errors but Allah knows that this particular matter or thing is not right for us right now. We think, plan and work hard but then we fails, why? There must be a power which is much much much bigger than our thoughts, plans and efforts. I believe in ALLAH more and more when I fail.


 The Quran 39:52
Allah is the Creator of all things, and He is the Guardian and Disposer of all affairs.

Whatever you lost through fate, be certain that it saved you from the pain.- Quote by Rumi


Allah will shower all his blessings on us on the right time and right place. InshaAllah. We, must pray and must not stop our efforts and hard work, this is the best thing we can do.



Outside to Inside..



Today we are OUTSIDE but many are INSIDE.

Religion’s, Philosophies’, Science and Black or white magic tells different situations and stories about the people INSIDE to the people OUTSIDE, but we don’t know what will happen to us when we will be INSIDE?

Yes! One thing we can certainly say and judge is what we are doing OUTSIDE?

What are we gaining and what are we losing?

Is this good enough to ease us INSIDE?


We all have to go INSIDE sooner or later but WE WILL BE….


Yes.. I am talking about GRAVE.



Life is so busy these days that we just stop thinking about Death and grave and about life here after. We are unfortunately and unintentionally doing very wrong with ourselves.

Thanks Daily prompt to give me this opportunity to think and let think  others to feel that darkness and loneliness. Please do good and gain good in the end.