Why you call me again and again ?


Life is a roller coaster, from life to death we went through so many colors and tastes. Beautiful to ugliest level, sweet to bitter , its like never the same.

Yet there are few things which we turned to every time we feel like empty , doing nothing , and its like someone is calling you and you just get up and follow the voice. This Dreams to reality is the same voice in my life 🙂

long ago I created this Blog and that time I created a page Arts and Craft , never thought that this passion would turn into the major part of my life, and hobby will be a business and full time job for me one day. Today when I came here I feel good and proud as today’s achievement is proving that I actually followed my passion ( Art and craft) and standing as a owner / designer of THE CRAFTY BIRD.

Those who are still along with me knows very well how passionate i am about The crafty bird and what is this all about, but those who has lost connection and dont know about it , here is a brief introduction.


Follow me and look into detail if you like



and it does not stopped me here , I also start a You tube channel,


Hope to see you all there as well 😀

till then , May Allah bless you and your loved ones ameen

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