International Women’s Day 2018



Cleaning up the dishes and listening to the old melody on radio with my 22 months old daughter constant voice to pick her up and play with her makes me realize that this life is beautiful.

Being a house wife and mother, many women feels that they are doing nothing productive for society or for themselves and many feel that they are closed in this home and have no life as they have earlier carefree and full of joy. Sometimes women herself thinks in this way and sometimes someone else makes you feel like this by showing false sympathies and by telling you that you  can do so much more than this, why are you wasting yourself here, in this close home.

I know many women, falling in different school of thoughts but many of them are living in their homes peacefully, that doesn’t mean they don’t shout yell, fight ,get depressed or stressed or so on , but in the end she cope with everything happening negative and smile when she see her home shining with Allah’s blessings especially kids , husband. When someone praise her cooking, her home decor and above all when she gets compliments about her kids, that they behave so well, they dress so well , cutting the long story short , Freedom is in our heart and mind, it’s a peace and love which someone can feel, and It can be felt even in single closed room, Its all what we see, feel and think.

When someone says that woman and especially an educated woman is spoiling her in a home by doing nothing then I strongly disagree. Yes, Okay it could be beneficial for a society if she used her skills but staying at home and building a strong family isn’t a less precious job in anyway, for me it’s more tough and more fruitful when you build and grow a strong family and  your children grows as a kind and positive human, when they understand every black and white, This is the most important duty which a women , a mother can perform, and this 24/7 lifetime duty is the one which a mother love to do, even when her child grows up and have their own child.

True Success is doing something which gives us peace of mind and soul. It doesn’t matter where are you working ; home or professionally.

On this Women’s day I want to convey my big salute to all such women who are raising a beautiful family which results in the sensible society, I want to request people around them to love and respect them as much as possible which they truly deserves.

May Allah bless us all ,ameen

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