New Me :)



It’s good to be back after December 17th 2014.
So, what was the reason of my absence, hmmm … I am glad to share this with you my blogosphere friends!!
I am a mother of a sweet boy now, MashaAllah, born on 23rd December 2014. Life turns really beautiful and busy with this sweet angel .I am totally engaged with my sweet boy since then , now he is getting a proper routine and it’s possible to give time to my blog again.
Yaaayyy ! 😀
After all this is the place where I really feels like MY SPACE. Where my heart speaks!
Hope to see you all again, and May Allah bless you all and your loved ones, ameen !

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  1. congratulations!! what wonderful news…nothing like having a child…they’re so precious…enjoy your days ahead, he will bring you much pleasure and joy. try to get as much rest as you can and enjoy your days with him, they grow fast, you don’t want to miss a moment! …bless you!

    • You are absolutely right Selah , They really grow fast 🙂 .. I was quite tired and panic in the first month , the totally new routine, sleepless nights and days 😀 .. handling a child and all … but now It seems like He is with me since ages and we just love each other more and more as the day moves on. May Allah bless him and my all loved ones and friends like you 😀 ameen ..

      • thanks you and blessings to you too! believe me, i have three of my own and watching them grow up was a beautiful thing ..and now they’re grown with children of their own, so i am blessed to see my grandbabies grow!! the time goes by quickly, so enjoy your precious little boy and give him all your love and blessings…he will grow well to be a strong and mighty man… 😉

      • Named after the beloved Prophet.. Awesome.
        This may sound to movie kind but write him letters occasionally, handwritten, telling him about how your life has been cherished by his presence, how do you love him, what have you endured for him, your plans and stuff like that. Make sure when he is of proper age you gift him these letters, to strengthen the bond of love and to nurture the artistic side of his nature. Won’t be tough for a wonderful writer like you..

  2. Awwwh, Afsheen !! Masha Allah ❤
    Many many heartiest congratulations to you. May Allah grant your baby boy with health and long prosperous life Ameen.
    So glad to have you back with us. Really good to see you. Lots of love your way and a kiss from me to your bundle of joy! ❤ ❤

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