PTI (Pakistan Tehreek -e-Insaf) Chairman Imran Khan letter to UNSG Ban Ki-moon


H E Mr Ban Ki-moon
Secretary General
United Nations
First Ave at 46th Street
New York, N.Y. 10017

Date: 25 July 2014



I write to you as the Chairman of the second largest political party in Pakistan and on behalf of the Pakistani nation that has always been the lead nation in UN peacekeeping across the globe. We have been watching in shock and horror as the state of Israel has unleashed the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza during the Muslim Holy month of Ramazan and the UN has stood by as a silent spectator. The death toll of the Palestinians in Gaza has risen above 800 and the Israeli aggression continues. The residents of Gaza cannot seek escape as Egypt has kept its border with Gaza sealed. The Egyptian authorities have also prevented medical supplies from going in to Gaza and the UN has issued not a word of protest.

Yet the UN’s primary responsibility is to maintain global peace and to prevent aggression. From the UN Charter’s preamble to Article 2:4 to Chapter V11, the UN has a duty to ensure that people are not persecuted and states do not aggress against other states and territories. The Office of Secretary General has a critical role to play in the maintenance of international peace and prevention of state aggression and war. Chapter XV Article 99 defines the special responsibility the SG has in this regard and Article 100.1 also calls on the SG not to be influenced by any state in the carrying out of his functions.

The SG has to ensure the credibility of the UN in times of crises and war. At present the UN is undergoing a major challenge in terms of sustaining its institutional credibility. The massacre of innocent women, children, and elderly by the state of Israel cannot simply be ignored by the UN and by yourself as its SG. Nor can the Israeli aggression under false claims of “self defence” be ignored – especially by the UN and its SG. The UN Charter clearly circumscribes the notion of self-defence in Chapter VII and the ICJ Advisory Opinion on the Israeli Wall further countered the Israeli claims of self defence. How can the bombing of a hospital, a cemetery and a UN school be regarded as acts of self-defence?

As the world watches Israel losing all sense of humanity and breaking all international norms of behaviour, it is the UN to which it looks for intervention. After the UN World Summit of 2005 the international community asserted the principle of the Right to Protect as part of humanitarian intervention. The primary responsibility for enforcing this rests with the UN and its SG. I call on you to immediately exercise this responsibility to prevent a genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza.

As SG your actions will decide whether the UN is to remain credible as the harbinger of peace, the protector of the weak and the institution that ensures aggression remains unsuccessful around the globe. After all the UN was founded “to prevent future generations from the scourge of war”. It is up to you to ensure that the UN fulfills the mandate given to it by the comity of nations.

My country has always been one of the prime supporters of the UN in its peace and security functions. My Party has justice and human dignity as underlying principles. We cannot now allow the UN to lose all credibility because one powerful state is allowing Israel to conduct aggression against Gaza with impunity. We have a right to demand that you as the SG enforce the UN Charter and play an active role in halting Israeli military aggression against the Palestinian population of Gaza. As SG you must also demand and ensure Egypt open its border with Gaza to allow medical assistance and essential supplies to go into Gaza. You have a duty to ensure that the plan of genocide of the Palestinians by the Israeli state is thwarted. It is time for you as the UNSG to fulfill this critical duty.


Imran Khan
Chairman PTI



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      • Serious? I know that he was a marvellous cricketer, and has this hospital and all. Maybe my impressions are all wrong, but I thought he was funded by one of those terror groups in the Swat Valley.

      • But you know, I seriously want to travel to Lahore and Sargoda one day. My ancestors come from Sargoda, my mom spent many years in Lahore. And, I would love to photograph Lahore! So, I hope that India and Pakistan become friendly !

      • Hey there Rajiv 🙂

        Well, sorry for late reply. Regarding Imran khan, his family is very well settled family of Pakistan from start and he opened his eyes in a rich family, and as you may know he completed his studies from oxford and then all fame in Cricket.

        Before he stepped in, into politics he started his hospital which is now a biggest hospital for cancer research in Pakistan, where he treat poor for free. People help him alot in this by giving zakat and other charity.

        Then he established a very well facilitated university in a very small city of Pakistan, and Namal uni is now a big name here.

        He is also building another hospital in Karachi now.

        So, the rumor about him that he is just supported by swat militants group is wrong, he is supported by all nation. He has no concern with militants and terrorists apart from bringing peace in the region , for this purpose he like to negotiate with them and he also understands that militants and terrorism is not coming by itself , there must be some back ground of that extremism which he wants to rule out.

        And 🙂 Rajiv you are most welcome to Pakistan.
        There is nothing wrong here and you can visit Pakistan whenever you like, my in laws went to India often and I will someday come there as well.

        My mother belongs to Sargodha and we are living in Lahore now. This place is a treat for photographers with so much old historical places and a very rich culture.
        You can see a blend of old and new culture here.

        So , all the best wishes for you and talk to you soon again.


      • my mom is from Sargodha? Serious? Wow. I have a Pakistani friend and ex-distributor in Lahore!

        Eid Mubarak. I wish you all the very best for the festival. I wish you and your family and friends all the very best

      • Welcome! My wife is against me visiting Pakistan. The problem is that the press builds up so much misunderstanding. I would dearly love to visit the home of my ancestors. I have seen, on video, the wall and door of my father’s old home. Some day…. I shall visit

      • 🙂 Okay , InshaAllah things will be much easier one day. She loves you that’s why she cant see you taking risks, a typical nature of a wife or anyone who loves 😀 hehehe…

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