SKY ADVENTURE – Android game application


Hello everyone,

Our first android game is in Google Play Store now, its our first effort , so we need your support, encouragement and suggestions. Your every download will contribute in our success and support. Be kind and generous in this 🙂  !!


Sky Adventure is endless flying game, it is as simple as it is innovative, game play is simple, fly your craft safely through the enemies’ crafts, collecting coins, and big treasures spice things up.

The most fun part is collecting limitless coins and treasures to build an unbeatable score and challenge your friends.


To download Sky Adventure you just need an android phone and a WiFi connection.

Install it from Play store by using this link.

You can also search it in Google Play by name “Sky Adventure” by “Phantasie Games”.

Sky Adventure comes into a very, and seriously very consumer friendly package – Its Free!

Fly your craft as long as you wish. We are sure it will keep you engaged into a fun entertainment.

Download game now!!!

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