Rich – Poor and in between two extremes !



Here in Pakistan, Weather is very hot, summer is at its extreme, temperature is between 40 – 52 degree in different areas, and I was thinking how things effect differently on different people.

Humans are the most strange creature on this planet, when they are on top, with a happy life , success , health and wealth , they hardly see things negatively , even the busy road and traffic noise don’t disturb them in their luxurious cars, cool environment and soothing music, don’t let them feel the heat outside, life for them is an apple pie. But outside their beautiful world, many are dying just because of heat strokes.

Two extreme ends!!

And in the middle of these two ends are the people, who are trying to live happily, surviving somehow, who bought an air condition by saving money every month, and then the day when the father bring air condition at home, every single person of a family feels like heaven they rejoice in happiness, all are gathered in the same room enjoying the cool air and then, there is an electric failure, and they still say … the room is still cool, it is far better than before ….  🙂

Different people – different status – different views – that’s life!

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  1. I like this. I walked, yesterday, from Chawri Bazaar to Delhi Gate and back. The shoppers at the Sunday Bazaar popped by. The shopkeepers spent the day in the sun, cradling their umbrellas. I had the occasional pop in at a coffee shop..

  2. And some other people who just keep watching all of them… Wishing to spread happiness among all, but, not knowing how to…. Isn’t that you were feeling when you penned this? Wish we could do so! keep writing about such good things… May be the richest ones understand that happiness lies in sharing!
    TC! Keep smiling 🙂
    The Arts & Me

  3. The separation between classes has created different worlds. Well said, my friend. The injustice is everywhere and it is sad that the rich people don’t think that they should help the less fortunate. You made me think about this more … Money can be a curse, it is like a blindfold. More money equals more responsibilities and less chances of finding spiritual happiness.

  4. Hello my friend,
    I have nominated you for The Most Influential Blogger Award. I’m have trouble with Badge graphic, will have to back to you with that. Go claim your well deservred amward, plan a huge celebration dinner and then get to work! Have a great day. 🙂

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