Sky Adventure – A new Game !


Sky Adventure Launch for Android / IOS Platforms Now this is something to really look-after guys, an Aircraft game!

I don’t exactly remember when did last time I played a good adventure game especially after the launch of Temple Run and Subway Surfers, every games seems to be a running game. I am really excited to see this app on stores and see how it is played. But the recent mega success of Flappy Bird and its aftermaths has certainly changed the way games were being developed. Anything is possible now lol.

I am sure a pre-launch teaser will be coming soon though. I am following it (You can also follow it ) at:

The game is scheduled to launch on June 20, 2014. Sources: Phantasiegames website and facebook page


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  1. Hi, I hope you are well, have not talked to you in a while. I pray the violence is far from where you live. I have nominated you for an award and having trouble getting a live link when using your address. I have checked the spelling several times and it’s correct. Have you had problems before? Everyone else goes live when in Preview. I am shopping for several caftans and people from several far places were on Etsy. com. I can’t remember how to spell but think someone from Iraq was selling. That surprised me. I can’t imagine running a business with all that is going on there. I’m so disappointed with latest development.

    • Hey,
      Yes so much is going on in Pakistan and Iraq.
      Military operation has been started in Wazirstan, Pakistan against Taliban terrorist.
      But yes, life still going well in other areas, so do in Iraq, people are still busy in their daily routine, I always say Pakistani people or other communities which are suffering from terrorism since ages are now immune and having strong nerves.
      May Allah bless us with peace and success.
      What about you Malinda ? What is going on these days ?
      Hope all is well at your side.
      Will write to you soon again.

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