My Hand Made jewellery !


While taking Art and Craft classes I also take a little class on jewellery Making, I enjoyed wearing bangles mostly, and I have made many but I also made Gotta jewellery for Mehndi Function in Pakistani Wedding, in which Bride wear yellow dress mostly, make up is very natural and sometimes brides don’t even apply make up in this particular function. Real flowers jewellery or Gotta jewellery is used only.

Take a look … It is very simple and basic but I enjoyed making it a lot after all is my first piece.


I have also learn dough jewellery , I have make some scarf brooches and pins, as I wear scarfs always 🙂

Take a look .. and Yes , I also made some earrings.


 The jute rope clutch on which brooches are present is also my own creation, I will show more clutches and bags which I have made.

Take a look to the earrings and one more scarf pin. The box is also made by me. I have used this box as a Jewellery box.




Please give my your feedback , did you like my work ?



May Allah bless you all and your loved ones. ameen

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