Music with all it’s Controversy !


Music is the food of soul, that’s what most of us believe. Music has taken as an international language and yes it has an ability to express feeling and emotions in more impactful way than any other art medium, it could spread the message like a jungle fire. But still it’s not accepted in all religions.

In Islam, it is prohibited, some says it’s Haram completely some says, a type of Qawali or Sufi music is not haram because this music directs you to Allah and his Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w), and all the practices of Islam.

There is a concept in Islamic society, that anything which is on the edge of Haram and Halal shall be avoided, so that the chances of adopting haram (sinful act), unintentionally or intentionally completely subsides.

Now the strange thing is, Music is present is all Islamic countries, including Pakistan, even in Saudia Arabia where Islam is the only religion and where laws are according to Islam. Their folk music and dance (Ardha- sword dance) is very popular and we have seen royal families and royal guests dancing many times.

Here is an interesting link to watch, you can see the dance and could listen the music beat.


Mizmar, Daff, Drums are the most basic instruments that are used in this music. And it is a common view in Islam that Daff is not prohibited in Islam. Duffs and Drums have been used in wars and at the time of announcements. In history it has been evident on many places before or after Islam.

Like, on the migration from Makkah to Madina, Holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) was warmly welcomed by the locals and little girls played duff in rejoice which Prophet did not stopped. This is admitted by most of the Islamic scholars and on basis of this they accept that playing duff is not haram.But on other occasions many scholars has so much evidences that, Allah and Prophet (s.a.w.w.) prohibited music and singing and relate it to hell.

There are Sufi poets who have written so much precious words on Allah and his prophet (s.a.w.w) and this poetry is then sung by Sufi singers and together they bring so much people very near to Islam. People who do not want to go in detail study of Islam for any reason, they listen to such music and learn so much, as they poets use real facts of Islam and never tried to astray the followers.

Sufi poets Like , Bulleh Shah, Khuwaja Ghulam Farid, Sultan Baho, Rabia Basri, Rumi and so much more, their work has been taken as a treasure.

Then, there are Qawal’s, play Qawali, is also a type of music relates to religion, Here is the link of my favorite Qawali.


There are forms of Music like Jugni which is also tells story of Islam.

Even in Naat’s (Praising Prophet p.b.u.h) duffs has been used. How could be such music is considered as haram which leads to a right way?

This controversy is everlasting and it will remain confusing for all of us. Some scholars wirte it Halal and some write it as Haram.

My personal view is, the thing which can takes you to positive side is always right. The music which can arise patriotic, Islamic or other positive feelings is better than that which arose negative feelings of violence, false thoughts, abusive language etc. I used the word BETTER, but I am still not sure about Haram or Halal.

May Allah help us in finding the right way. Ameen

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      • No, it isn’t – though some sects take a pretty dim view of anything smacking of enjoyment! It certainly isn’t prohibited in the world of the Druid/Pagan (which is closest to the system I study with). xxx

  1. Hi, I haven’t finished reading the last post but wanted you to know I really like all the information. There are many points to digest and want to be able to have a clear head while reading. Talk to you soon.

  2. Very interesting topic. I agree that music does influence our emotions (positive and negative) and I think we are made biologically to enjoy music. It is then our free choice what music we choose. I for example love the ‘Happy song’ from Pharrell Williams. It’s positive, innocent and it unites the world somehow. And it makes me happy as well!

    So maybe it’s not about ‘yes’ or ‘no’ but about what kind of music you choose 🙂

    • Absolutely correct 🙂 I totally agree with you and I am also researching more about this. I am asking some Islamic scholars about this confusion and controversy about music in Islam. I will give you the feedback of this also in the form of new post once i am done.

      I am very happy to see your comment and feedback, Please visit again , your suggestions and opinions are valuable for me.

  3. Great to learn more about the historical and religious context of music. Your posts are a pleasure to read, both factual and engaging. I look forward to enjoying more of your blog Afsheen.

    • Thank you so much kind words and your opinion 🙂 I can see in your picture 😀 you are playing some instrument 🙂 why don’t you upload a video of you.?? It will be great to listen your music.

  4. Excellent post! I agree – it is not a question of haram or halal – it’s a question of choosing music that will lead us to a better path! My non-verbal 7 year old son gets away with listening to music that would undoubtedly fall into the haram category (by muslim standards.) He doesn’t repeat the swears and he thinks it’s funny to show his family that he noticed different music on his adult family member’s phones and devices than he has on his own iPod. I can’t prove that he can read, but I am convinced he recognizes words by his ability to locate things with or without pictures (in the digital/touch screen form.) My choice of music for him is focused on learning to communicate. Music is his favorite way to communicate with the world around him, so I’ve given him an extensive collection of “signing time” music (intended for teaching children American Sign Language.) In the US we have “parental advisory” labels intended to help keep inappropriate music out of the hands of children. Some of the largest department stores like Walmart do not cary music with these labels. But the radio and television are flooded with music and lyrics about sex, drugs, and materialism. I love the freedoms we enjoy here in the US, but I’m very concerned about what we teach our children by our choice in music! On a better note, most of the songs my son chooses contain the word ‘love’ ❤

    • Yes you are right, Music is a good medium to convey messages and teach also. I am researching more about this controversy by asking the same question to Islamic scholars. I will inshaAllah write about that too.

      Freedom of speech and living is important , but it is good for those who can judge what is wrong and right for themselves, so i believe freedom in all aspects must be given in a mature age, and age of maturity is different in different people, some child’s understand life in very early age , they get responsible and sensible , but sometimes even in the age of 25 people show childish behavior.

      Love is the reason of life 🙂 so good that your son love’s to choose the contents contain love.

      May Allah bless you and your loved ones. ameen

  5. I thought about you several times this week. I hope you and the family are well. The post on music was educational. I love the music and find it relaxing. The video with Prince Charles was a celebration of some kind. Maybe for important people or important times. They were happy, performing a dance and the men singing were very happy. I understand the idea behind not allowing temptation, I just don’t agree with it. I love to listen to many types of music including Christian and sing all the time. It helps with my depression.

    I watched the services/prayers at Mecca after Ramadan one year. There were thousands of people maybe million everywhere. I think the Leader up front in the raised chair was singing some prayers. I could be wrong since I am not familiar with Islam nor all dialects. The services/prayers were soothing and I wanted to be there. Maybe I will go some day. If other religions are not welcome, I could wear scarves and hang out at street level. They were celebrating, looked like a good time. They were also probably hungry.

    Have you given any thought to selling your crafts on It might not be practical but they are so nice and you know how to do so many. Take care. I look forward to your next post.

    • Hello Malinda,
      So much thanks for thinking about me 🙂 I am glad that I have some place in your life. 🙂

      Well, Music is like a magic for me, I mostly listen to Sufi and Qawali music. Have you heard any ? If not then try the links on my post and also on my page “Music I like”. My taste of music is changed a lot during last years, I think it is because of changing in personality and thoughts.What about you ? Did your choice of music changed with your age ?

      As far as I know , non-Muslims are not allowed to enter in Mecca during Hajj , but normally is it allowed or not I will ask some Islamic scholar. But it is good that you can watch the Live session on TV. It is more good as you can see everything with more focus.

      About well I thought about that once, but never really tried to do it practically. I will think about that and visit the site soon, that’s the promise.
      May be i could do it. May be.

      I will talk to you soon again,
      May Allah bless you and your loved ones. ameen

      • You are a strong woman who can accomplish many things. I didn’t think non-Muslims would be allowed. It is a sacred time of year. How do you say Hajj? Is that the celebration of Solomon? I will check out your music links. I also love indian music.Yes, my music change all the time. When I was much younger Hard Rock was I listened to. Now at 50, I’ve been experimenting with music I would not would not normally pick. I have been sick for so long, I stopped listening all together. I realized I missed it and put earphones at bed time to let something relaxing put me to sleep. I have a mind that is wide open and want to learn all I can in this life. I find religion most interesting and read about many religions and culture. The Sufi Temple is massive here, that would tell me there are many followers. It’s 4:03 a.m. so off to bed for me. Great to talk with you. 🙂

  6. Thanks a lot for sharing. Music has eternal value for those who know its power. There is a powerful music even in air around us albeit n every creation of our Allaha there is a music, if we care to observe. Music touches our inner being.

    With regards

  7. Its been long since I visited your blog, and I am sorry for missing your posts… 😦

    I love music too and liked this musical post very much! It was nice to know more about the musical forms connected to the Islam. I have heard Sufi, Qawali songs… Sufi are so divine, I love them!

    Glad I am here again!

    The Arts & Me

    • 🙂 No apologize.
      It happens with all of us, I am so happy that you came and commented.
      I always admire your work.
      Thank you for liking my post.

      May Allah bless you and your loved ones. ameen

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