Unexpected Guest !



Once a upon a time

In a big city like ours,

There was a rich man,

Indulge In the pride of power and money,

Careless, rude, can’t live without luxury,

Successful but black –hearted,

See everyone with contempt,

God for him is nowhere,

One night, almost in the midnight

Someone knocks his door,

His servants were there but no one opens the door

Oh hell, where are you all morons?

He was shouting, angrily opens the door,

A poor old man was standing alone,

Ahh, what a rubbish, what do you want old man?

I don’t need anything child,

You need to see things right,

Your heart is black and blood is white,

You need to see things right,

What? You want me to hear your rhymes in this midnight?

Mercy on yourself child, God is there want to see you right.

God is nowhere, Get out of my sight,

He closed the door and went inside,

Laid on his bed but sleepless and tired,

Thinking, who was that poor man? What is the “RIGHT”?

Night was over, and sun arise,

He forgets the message he ruined his life

Day by day, night by night, His pride grows

Fame, success and money that all he knows,

Clocks ticking fast, years has been passed

And then,

It was a cold dark night,

When someone knocks the door,

He was drunk and alone,

He opens the door, No one was there,

He talks to himself, ahhh I am so much drunk I guess,

He went inside, lay on a bed, and closed his eyes,

When he hears,

Poor you, you did not mercy on yourself,

He opens his eyes in fear,

Who is here?

Who is here?

You can’t see me but I am near you child,

Something was there like a smoke,

He feels the cold eyes somewhere near

Someone says loud and clear

O child, now you have to come,

Now there is no time,

I am death, this is your time and you need to pay,

Oh no, no please, I will kill you ,who is here? He shouted in terror and fright,

Oh child, God wanted you to see what is right,

Not once, not twice but many times,

He showed you needy people, to help them, Right?

He gave you money and power to ease them, Right?

He kept you healthy and successful all over your life,

He gave you strength and power to make things right.

Not for your own pride!

But your time is over now, and you have to die.

No, Oh no please Mercy, Mercy God!!

I understand now,

I understand now,

I will make things right,

Oh mercy. I don’t want to die now,

Crying, shouting, but no one hear.

The last words

That man say’s was



  I need to share that I write this poem in response to daily prompt :http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/unexpected-guests/ , and This is what i really felt when I read the words ” UNEXPECTED GUESTS” , Please feel the words, and always remain ready for the unexpected guest.

May Allah bless us all , and help us all, ameen.




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  1. Well, I like the poem, but I don’t believe in organised religion. If, and if, there is God, then God lives in nature. That is religion for me 🙂

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      • My daughter graduated from engineering school in California…we live in Maui…so we went to Yosemite in California and it was Amazing…We took 12 days to connect with family…I would love to share my pictures if you can go into Facebook? My Facebook page has a link on my blog..or you can search for Robyn Cabral …it is the picture of me sitting on the beach in Maui..love to friend you there..Much Love heart to heart Robyn

      • Congrats 🙂 May your daughter see more success and love all her life ameen. I will surely get in touch with you at facebook.

        May Allah bless you and your loved ones. ameen

      • Thank you…for your sweet wishes..You found me on Facebook so Happy…now off to see my father and sister in Texas…I will write you on FB soon as well..Heart to Heart Robyn

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  7. It’s a powerful tale, well told! Yes, we all need to pay attention to those around us and the ways we can use our wealth, power and privilege to assist anyone in need. It’s harder to do than we like to admit, but the joy in such compassion and hospitality and generosity always grows when we remember to use our gifts for the general good.
    Bless you for reminding us!

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