Dreams to Reality Anniversary!


Today its my blog Anniversary 🙂

Its been 6 Years now, since I joined WordPress.


Back in 2008 , I was single, living with my parents and was working as a Microbiologist, that time was so busy , Job, home and then little surfing on internet . I hardly got time to read or write anything.

Then in 2013, September after quitting my job, I thought of this place again, or it is more better to say My blog calls me once again. This time I am happily married, living in a joint family and more free than before.

And now, in 2014, I am enjoying by seeing my blog growing, growing slow but steady. I have so many new friends and new ways to express myself and many issues regarding, Society , culture, Religion , Families etc etc. As the time passes by I am more into writing and reading, some of my readers here says, I write by heart and in simple words, and this is what I also feel. Being a Pakistani my mother tongue is Urdu and English is my second language. I am not so good in vocabulary and grammar , but I know enough to express what I feel. Do you agree ??

I believe that , words straight from heart can touch anyone soul, and then the positive and negative reaction occurs depending upon the soul itself.

I have a lovely time here so far and I see a great future ahead. InshaAllah.

May Allah bless all of my readers, ameen



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  1. Congratulations!!!!!! I’ve been late in getting back to you. I don’t use Facebook. I’m sure we can make our conversations work here. I hope you are safe and well. Do you sell your crafts? They are very nice and would make good decoration in house. Have a blessed day.

    • 🙂 Well, its okay Whatever you like and comfortable with. I am doing well, Thank you.

      I make so many things but never tried to sell , I have made dough jewellery, clutches, makrama, I can do sketching, can draw well, love to make greetings cards, I have also done calligraphy,love to do embroidery and these days learning paper quillling. I will post more crafts here soon.

      Have a very blessed day.

      • Sounds like you need to open a store front on Etsy.com, you may have to add something after the com. It is an awesome market place where people from all over the world sell mostly hand crafts. I love to shop there. Do you live an area close and safe to a mail station? It looked like you lived in a nice neighborhood, Once you sell you just have to package and mail. If you go that route, I would check out Paypal as the only payment you’ll take. I think it would make it much easier. My name is Melinda, not sure how to sound out. MA, like beginning of mother. Lin, can’t think of anything except I sounds like an E, Da, that’s harder, I don’t think about it. Sounds like Ma-len-da. Yo did a much better job with your name. Did you have a good weekend.? Hope it was relaxing. Talk to you soon. I saw you new post but haven’t had a chance to read yet. Take care. 🙂

      • Hey Malinda,

        Its great to know your name 🙂 and this time you came up with a very nice and productive idea of etsy.com 🙂 .

        Well you don’t need to pronounce your name because I know this name very well 😀 , In Pakistan, we are able to watch western shows, we follow the western stars, singers, movies and so much more. This is the reason why we all know much more about your culture and customs as compared to you guys know about us. Our culture remain buried in our limits because of so much other happenings , mostly negative happenings around us, and media highlights only the top stories which are mostly about terrorism, religion and politics. The chance of showing our culture to the west is rare.

        Our movies, music, other art remain in limits.But your approaches us.Same is the case with language. We have to learn English because it is the only way to interact with the rest of the world but you guys don’t need to learn Urdu (Pakistan’s national language) 🙂

        In this way , I consider our self quite lucky.Anyway , My weekend was good and well. What’s happening at your end ? And yes do read my latest post, Unexpected guest.

        Thank you so much Malinda.

      • I’m way past my bed time so I’m heading that way soon. The media is the same here, sensationalize because it sells more. We have a large Islamic population in area. I love to go shopping the grocery store. Some times I do know what I’m eating other times have no clue. The staples like lentils are priced very good. Then I go next door and look at the for women clothes. They make everything in store. Then a short trip in the bakery shop, find out what the cookie of the day is then next door is the really fancy store for women. Beautiful 2 piece sari’s, lots of bangles and cool sandals. I got to know the people in the shops, they were very nice to me. Sometimes a customer would look at me like you can’t read the writing what are you doing here. I think sari’s are so pretty in silk with lots of embroidery. I haven’t been out of the house due to illness so haven’t been in long time. Take care I’m going to get some sleep tonight. Talk to you soon.

  2. Happy blogger aniversary Afsheen! I love the insight you give (from Pakistan) to the rest of the world! Your writing in English is excellent. Most of the Pakistanis in my neighborhood speak perfect English. I live in an extremely culturally and ethinacally diverse city (even by US standards.) It’s not uncommon to see a woman in niquab here. It doesn’t even get people to take a second glance in their direction. Sadly just a few miles away, a woman dressed in niquab would likely be met with contempt. My son’s school has enrollment papers in English, Spanish, Polish and Arabic. I guess you could say that they are the most commonly spoken languages here (although it’s just a fraction of the different languages I hear spoken in this community.) I love the beauty you bring to Islam. Your faith and respect for other cultures is very inspiring. So often religious people focus more on the docterine of their faith than they do on living according to the values they propose. Your perspective is like a breath of fresh air 🙂

    May Allah continue to bless you, your family and your blog.

    • Hey Liana,

      Good to see you again, Thank you so much for your kind words and appreciation. This encouragement makes me feel strong and motivate me to write more and in more depth. When I started this blog and met new western cultured people ,I realized that they know very less about Pakistan’s culture and a common Pakistani life. And even Islam, which is the second largest religion of the world comprised 23% of the world’s population , it is like an unknown subject to the rest of the world. Most of the people with other religions take Muslims as rigid and extremists group. This was very sad for me , and I take it as my duty to bring the real face of Islam and Pakistan to the rest of the world. I tried my very best to stay neutral in all aspects, to give a clearer and 100% true picture to my reader’s. Islam teach us to love and give respect to others even if their point of view is totally different from you, Islam doesn’t believe in force or pressurizing someone. Peace and forgiveness is the right path and the most noble act.

      Thank you so much for your precious time you spent on my blog , reading and commenting.

      May Allah bless you and your loved ones. ameen

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