Karachi ~ Happiness


I am happy to see different people of different regions of Pakistan in the same video, with all the happiness. Karachi is also known as “Mini Pakistan” for having such a diverse culture. People came here to earn and to support there family from all over the Pakistan. Love Pakistan.


Happy by Pharrell Williams
Karachi Edition
By Ghazenfer & Sami. ( I found this link on facebook)
Brilliant work by both of them.


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  1. Great video! Love it. Beautiful people. One question – and please, it is because I am ignorant in this – mostly men and boys are in video – is that a cultural or religious reason that not many woman are shown? I know so little about your nation. 😀

  2. It seems like all too often, the only images we here in America see of Pakistan are the negative ones of violence and bloodshed that show up on the news. Watching this was definitely a welcome reminder that while every country, including ours, has its problems, the number of beautiful and happy people living in each must surely outnumber the violent and unhappy ones by a huge margin. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey John

      It is not a surprise for me,this is the only reason to share this video.I being a Pakistani knows very well what is the image of Pakistan all around the world after 911, Osama bin ladin presence here and extremists like Taliban. Our country is facing so much John and it brings tears in our eyes. This is the only thing an individual can do to share the bright and positive side of our country with all of you.

      I hope I could show the real Pakistan to you and others. A common person of this land who is full of love.
      Thank you so much for your views on this. I really appreciate.
      May Allah bless you and your loved ones. ameen

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