I am still 16 – OKAY 85%


“Keep a diary, and someday it’ll keep you.”

– Mae West

What a saying, Today daily prompts, forced me to open my diary when I was 16. I bring it out and start reading. I read it for about 1 hour and just forget why I brought it out from my old bag.

My diary, kept me, preserved me in my sixteen very well. I smiled and get sad also while reading the random pages. Okay let’s say I am 85% still like 16 years old Afsheen, Surprisingly though! And I am glad that the lost 15% was not worth enough to keep at all.

I had taken some clicks from my diary, I want you all to meet the 16 years old Afsheen by yourself!



Allah is always with me, I write notes like these often.




 I love Pakistan

I can’t see anything losing by Pakistan, whether it is in any sport, politics, or the people of Pakistan. I want to see my country with great power of Unity, Faith, Discipline and Love. I can just honestly do what is in my share and only PRAY FROM ALLAH.



Wagee ( Wajeeh my nephew son) , Family and Friend(s)



I want to visit , It has a huge list including Malaysia, Maldives, Mexico, Nepal, Philippines, Singapore, Spain , Srilanka, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, UK, USA, Vietnam ( On this page, I have left the first page because it will be much lengthier then ) and second thing it says is, I want to live in PAKISTAN only 🙂 that is what written.

*Sorry for bad blur photo.



May Allah bless all of us 🙂 ameen



Okay 🙂 Cartoons , I use to watch Thunder cats, Camp candy , Smurfs , Tom and Jerry ( which i still love)

It also says, Abu( Father) cooked chicken which tastes good but looks bad 🙂 and i added in URDU for this

“See the beauty of soul not the looks.”




Achieve your dreams, A successful life is a real life , I don’t need artificial life.




I draw this for my Brother and Mother, Their hobbies with their zodiac signs.




This was me , and This is me !

May Allah bless us All, Ameen

This post is written in response to daily prompt. http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/only-sixteen/


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  1. what a sweet soul you are…it’s fun looking at the child you were…such a tender=hearted one you were…i remember some of those cartoons myself!! i too still enjoy them 🙂
    thanks for sharing a part of your life with us bloggers!! 😉

    • 🙂 Hello Selah

      Glad to see you friend 🙂

      I was also kind of excited and surprised (on few thoughts of 16 year old afsheen) when i was reading my diary yesterday for this prompt. I have diaries of different year and i Sound like same in all. I think i am not changed alot.

      I am like an open book, not only on this Blog but also in my personal and professional life, i say things easily , i can’t hide things in my heart. I believe in expressing my feelings and thoughts, This is the best way to feel light inside and to keep your relations strong.

      I hope to see you again.
      May Allah bless you and your loved ones. ameen

    • Hello Martha,

      Thank you so much for giving my Blog your precious time.
      Well I still want to visit these countries , i didn’t mention Iran , China and India, I really really want to visit these 3 countries. They sound so mysterious to me.

      Anyway , Glad to see you here.
      May Allah bless you , ameen

      • China is wonderful and that is the first country I visited (lived in!). When I made my list (1964) China wasn’t even on it. Iran and India, yes, I’d like to visit them, too. I still have a list but traveling taught me that my list is just names of places; once I get somewhere it’s millions of times more interesting than I imagined. And as Robert Frost wrote in his poem, The Road Not Taken, one road leads to another that we never even knew was there!

        Blessings on you, too.

      • greater Martha..how did you find China then??
        Iran has so many holy places which I really want to visit.
        India’s culture is very same like us in few parts but they also have so many other cultures which are very unique

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  3. I missed reading this until today. Thanks for going back into your personal “archives” and posting your entries from when you were 16- it looks like your were a talented writer and artist back then as well! I also enjoyed your list of countries to visit; have you visited any from that list since then?

    • Hello,,
      Well thank you so much for liking it and secondly my list wish is still my wish list 🙂 I have never been to any other country yet. I am trying my best to go to India 🙂 Rest Allah knows:)

  4. I love the quote “See the beauty of soul not the looks.” You are older than me. I am still 85% 13!

  5. Very Very Sweet Afsheen !! Nice to know you from the past 🙂 My diary used to be very colourful too. I feel like re-reading it soon 🙂 Thanks for a beautiful post 🙂

  6. One of the best …. You know that i write diary too and this told me that you also have friend whom with we can share everything and that friend is our dairy (: ..

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