I was Nuts



My Third Rate Romance was kind of strange addiction which I get when I was a teenager.

I don’t remember exactly how it started but it goes on and on and it becomes a part of my life.

An addiction !

Living without it , was a total black out for me.

I know they (parents) warned me right,

I know it was not good for me, not fit for me at all

But…i couldn’t stopped.

And it started to show what It got finally

Pain, wounds, marks

I was fool to  think I am the one who was cutting it into pieces,

but that was the one who was sucking my blood and drying me out

giving me stains and marks so dark…but i couldn’t stopped.

until the day comes,

when It ate me all,

Dried my body and bring me down

gave me sick bed and showed what it really was.



I got jaundice due to this habit of eating Betel nut all the day, it really dried me out.

My father then showed me how this Betel nut sucks the liquid so quickly by placing it into a cup of water.

Next day I saw, the Betel nut absorbed the water and swell.

My father said: That’s how it takes your blood also.” ( It was horrifying for me)

That was the day, I left eating this nut and throw away this cutter also.







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  4. Years ago I had seen people’s teeth stained almost black from eating the Betal nut. I didn’t know about the dehydration it caused. I think I’ll pass on the Betal, thank you. But it shouldn’t be too hard for me; they’re not around all that much in the US.

    • Yes, Teeths get so stainded and corner’s of lips become wounded if you eat these nuts daily and in large amount. Well in Karachi many people use betel nuts and betel leaves daily, and they cant live without it.
      Many Ghazal singers, Qawal also eat this regularly as they think ( which might be right) that their vocal cord increased and remained smooth.

      Anyway 🙂 .. i am glad to hear from you maa’m..
      May Allah bless you and your loves ones.. ameen

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