A Smile !


Have You Never Been Mellow?

After a long day at work or school, what are your favorite ways to wind down and decompress?


When i was bachelor and living with my parents, the only thing which calms me was my parents smile. I spend hours with them even after a long hectic working day.


My father use to pick me from factory (Pharmaceutical) where i worked as a quality control manager and i sit with him in his car like a small child who doesn’t know anything in the world, who just see world  through the window and smile. I don’t know how my personality switched instantly from a responsible professional  to a little child when i was with him. ( Still , it happens ).  On the way back  to home we remained quite mostly , but the silence is peaceful and filled with sense of security.

When we reached home, the first thing I used to do was, looking for my mother, and if i cant see her immediately i asked my sisters where is amme ( mother) ?  When i see her i say Aslamoalikum (blessing of Allah on you) first and then used to ask, “What’s in dinner” ? , it continues with having dinner with my Mother hands. (Still when i go to my mother place , i eat by her hands. It is just like a heaven on earth. Sitting near her feet and eating by her hands).

I use to tell all day activities to my parents. From A to Z. (Which my parents miss so much and my in law parents get addicted to this now- i am a story teller 😛 )

…. NOW , i am married and after a long hectic day the only thing which calms me is My husband smile



It is like a magic and this magic is getting more tricky day after day. 🙂 I am unable to solve the mystery of this smile, but this smile is my peace and strength.

I am proud of my parents and my husband.





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  1. This is just so beautiful! I love the connection you have with your family! I can feel the love in the words you wrote!

    I revert back to being a child whenever I’m with my mom myself. It just happens, and I think it’s kinda cute though as a grown woman with a grown son, it might be strange to someone else. But there’s that bond no one can see but the ones you love 🙂

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