M for Monster :P




Which subject in school did you find impossible to master? Did math give you hives? Did English make you scream? Do tell!


As soon as I get notification of this Daily Prompt ( Few minutes ago) I am just madly looking for my report card of 8th grade in my old stuff.(Gold stuff) and this report card will say it all 😀

Sorry about the Blur pictures but i dont have any good quality camera right now :



Mathematics : First term .. 75 , Second semester : 58  and in Final semester 44 out of 100. Maths was a monster for me, I always get puzzled in this subject and sometimes I completely left geometry portion. Algebra was also kind of tricky for me.

And i enjoyed ( Now i enjoy 😛 , on that time i cried:P ) the remarks of my class teacher.



Second term : You have done very well in all subjects but weak in maths.

Final term : Good performance. Mathematics rules the universe. You must pay more attention to this subject to enrich and benefit yourself.


But i must add one thing more, In my final board exams of Matric ( 10TH GRADE) i got 96 / 100 😀 .. and i was Shocked and so do my all teachers except my Tuition teacher who was sure i will get 100/ 100. 😛

May Allah bless him and all of my teachers 🙂

This report card is still with me and i love this as a treasure. My class teacher was Miss Shela and My tuition Teacher was Sir Saeed. All my best wishes to them where ever they are 🙂





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  5. I got the same comment (over and over and over again). Your invocation to Allah touched me. I have taught many students from Arab countries, and more than once I’ve been blessed with a kiss on the top of my head, and “May Allah bless you, my teacher.”

    • 🙂 hello Martha
      It is our religious practice to send Allah blessings and a way of spreading love and peace to every person whenever we see each other.
      Personally I feel more calm and relax when I say these words to my friends n family. I believe with these words and prayers they will remain safe and sound. InshaAllah
      May Allah bless you ameen.

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  10. Nice post. Maths was a monster for me too 🙂
    Is this the same school in north nazimabad karachi? Few of my friends studied there. And I remember joining them in their school funfairs (mela).
    Well good ol’ times:-)

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