Light of the World Award


🙂 Hello with a big smile

I am very glad that i m nominated for the “ Light of the World Award” , by my Fellow Blogger Amreen Shaikh @ .

Amreen Thank you so much for this nomination , I have explained my feelings in the next coming lines.

When i read the title of this award i really feel embarrassed because it is a very very BIG THING to being a LIGHT of the WORLD..errrr.. but obviously i am happy also. Who dont want to be so special ?? 😮  I am happy that among my other fellow bloggers I am also contributing to the world by my lil knowledge and words filled with love and peace. I never considered myself a writer (never) or a very unique person , I am a very ordinary person who just speaks by her heart. May be following my heart is the only reason to be liked by others. ANYWAY ….

Thank you Amreen ..again , and every one else who like me in any way.



1. Thank the person who nominates you.

2. Honor the bloggers who spread life, love, hope , and peace in the name of all people.

3. Let your nominees know of their nomination.

4. Never give-up encouraging people and speaking truth.

So, The Nominees.. I would love to add reason for the nomination although its not required. , Because of her beautiful talent and a strength to grow her business on her own. , Her inspiring post and believe about women working in different fields from art to mechanical workshops. for addressing many sensitive and debatable issues very well in his words and photography.

Well that’s all from me.

May Allah bless us all , ameen



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  1. Thank you so much for the very kind comments and thinking of me for this award. I too, like yourself, do not consider myself worthy of such an award,, but nevertheless, I thank you most kindly 🙂
    Have a lovely day!

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