BOOK ? yes i got Facebook.



Today is International Children’s book day, yes I came to know this when I get online today. (Through Babylon search engine image), but the first and the only book comes into my mind is FACEBOOK: P..

Let me share some of the stories with you from this book…

Story # 1:
I and my family lived in Karachi for 25 years and we had a very weak connection with our maternal Aunt and Uncles and all most NO connection with their children and grand children. When we moved to Lahore in 2005 we were un familiar to so many faces and my parents introduced each one of them but we felt strange because of no bonding. On that time one of my cousin created a page on Facebook with a title “Family” and here all the family members were reunited, All aunt, uncle’s, cousins, and even the more farther relatives. We introduced ourselves to each other in more comfortable way and more like friends, regardless of any clash that our parents or grandparents have with each other. Thanks to Facebook that we get back our all relations.

Thanks to Facebook, I know my all relatives.

Story # 2:
One day my cousin tagged a picture of me in her profile, where I received one comment, which was: You look so familiar to someone, what is your father name and how you are related to Anny( Fake name for my cousin 😛 ). I said She is my cousin, and that lady comment back “Tell your father that you met me (she told her pet name. I get back to my parents and told them, they were like really you met her? How? And I said Facebook …. That lady is my Father Cousin and they haven’t seen each other since she moved to Canada.

Thanks to Facebook I met my new Aunt: D

Story # 3:
My husband and I never participated in any lottery or jackpot kind of game, though my husband loves to play cricket and other outdoor sport. One day, my husband saw an ad on the right side of FB wall; it was regarding a restaurant which is very famous in Lahore. He clicked it and like the page, while going through the page he saw an old picture of some historic building, this was actually a question of a day and by guessing the right name we could win a dinner for a family. We just answered the question and then each day a new question (picture) appeared on my husband Fb page and we happily guess the picture. One fine day we won the guess game and went for a dinner with Family.

Thanks to Facebook again  for a wonderful yummy FREE dinner: D .. hehehe.

Story # 4:
3 days back one of my Aunt from USA met my husband first time in a family dinner. But surprisingly they didn’t react like first time meeting; they were well familiar with each other. And my aunt said: Thanks to Facebook.

I am sure all of you must have stories like these. Facebook has impacted our life in a very dramatic way. I have some friends and family members who can’t even get out of their bed without updating their status. I also know some people who can’t stop themselves by changing their display picture day after day. There are many people who share their thoughts on the FB wall much easily than expressing in front of any human.

In short, it is a social network which is changing the way of communicating, marketing, preaching religion, teaching, politics etc etc.

While writing this I was wondering how many FB users are there, just goggled… In March 2013 has 1.11 Billion users’. WOW

Anyway … With all the Bad’s and Good’s FB is the book everyone open’s almost daily. What is your Opinion?

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  1. Nice to read about Book that is Facebook..!
    No doubt it’s very helpful now a days as other books of syllabus. 🙂
    Hope in future teacher will advise the student note your work on Facebook and recall with friends..
    Enjoy life of FB new generation..!
    Stay Happy.

  2. nice take on FB! thanx to fb i got in touch with many friends from school in Saudia who I lost contact with after moving to Pakistan in 1996.. and many other family friends as well..BTW I got the restaurant @ story 3 ..I m sure u r talking about BK quiz.. hmm means I should try my luck.. I never took it

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