I know its been a while i have been out of touch from Blogging and of my friends here due to ONE SAME reason 😀 which i was mentioning since last 2 posts .. i didn’t have my laptop with me 😛 , anyway now i have it (Good news) , First i want to apologize and Thanks Nadyess @  y for  awarding me SUNSHINE AWARD. Apologize for very very late response and Thanks for offcourse 🙂 this award.


I am happy and honored my friend Nadyess. You noticed me and appreciated my Blog this means alot to me.

Now the toughest part of receiving every award 😉 hehehe THE RULES…..

-Announce in a post that you received the Award and display the Award icon in your post.
-Thank the blogger who nominated you.
-Write 10 interesting things about yourself.
-Nominate 10 great and inspirable bloggers to receive the Award.
-Link your nominees and let them know they have been awarded.

Thanks alot Nadyess 😛 This thanks is specially to fulfill the rule 😛

… The TEN Nominations…….and i also mentioned the reason why i nominated them. (for her lively style of writing) ( for her struggle and success) ( for wonderful clicks) ( for writing on life issues spirituality) ( for his thought of living an extra ordinary life) ( i love the way she communicate with reader) ( for taking life photos) ( for spreading inspiration, love and peace) ( for his very unique and wonderful work)
and …. ( because of her wonderful Blog and she is so special to me. i still remember you nominate me for my first award 🙂 ..

Ten Things … and INTERESTING !! hmm…. :-/ …:-?
1. I am multitalented… (That’s what people around me thinks :P)
2. I am very jolly and at the same  time could be very serious and sensible 😉 where required 😛
3. I hardly get angry and if someone makes me angry i just stay quite and if someone makes me MOREEEE ANGRY… i also don’t know what extreme i could to do at that moment :-o…. (I really hate to get angry and i avoid such situations)
4. I always wear hijjab.
5. I love to eat Masar Rice from different places to taste different cooking flavors.
6. I don’t like to keep pets.
7. I hate to keep birds in cage.
8. I love summers.
9. I never interfere in anyone’s personal matters until or unless they needed me.
10.I have fear of heights and depths.

Okay that’s it .. i start writing this post when i was in Lahore yesterday and completed it when i m in Karachi 🙂 hehe..

May Allah bless you all ..ameen

Sunshine Award

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