Pakistan reattempted the world record of making the Largest Human Flag at National Hockey Stadium on Febuaray 17, 2014.


A total of 29,040 School Children gathered at the world’s largest National Hockey Stadium to break the Bangladesh record. In the previous Punjab Youth Festival 2012, Pakistan created the record of largest human flag with the participation of more than 24,200 people later Bangladesh broke it with the participation of 27,117 students and army men.

It was felt that due to consecutive rain and bad weather, it would be postponed but the passion, dedication and enthusiasm of the youth and organizers, made the impossible possible and helped the country reattempt the world record of the Largest Human Flag.

The moments were really remarkable when students broke the world record as they first thanked Allah Almighty for the successful attempt and then greeted each other for the World Record. Few had tears of joy in their eyes and many were dancing with gladness to celebrate this great achievement.

The Witnesses, Leo and Maria Anataalia after counting through the line and rows of the formation declared the first Guinness World Record of Largest Human Flag for Pakistan.

Leo said: “There has been a skillful display of determination shown by these students and officially it was an amazing world record for Pakistan.

Largest Human Flag

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  1. Amazing to get so many people together to do this. I can’t see it happening in the United States. Congratulations to everyone who was there and participated!

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