Daily Prompt: Truth or Dare

Is it possible to be too honest, or is honesty always the best policy?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us TRUTH.



I want to discuss this topic completely with Religious point of view.

Islam is the religion which is so practical and so peaceful; it gives priority to Humanity and peace. Our Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) taught us so many ways to be a better human being and to create a better society.

In the Hadith, Prophet Muhammad was also quoted as saying, “Be honest because honesty leads to goodness, and goodness leads to Paradise. Beware of falsehood because it leads to immorality, and immorality leads to Hell.”

In Quran: “And cover not the truth with falsehood nor conceal the truth when you know.” Al-Baqarah 2:42 

In Islam saying Truth is a major key to lead us to heaven, but we also see in Islamic history that lying is not considered sinful in 3 cases when it is really necessary to save life or relation (JUST IN 3 CASES AND NOT ALLOWED IN ANY OTHER CASE):

-In battle: when your life is on threat and your life is necessary for completing the task or to save many others.

 -For bringing reconciliation amongst persons: To bring 2 persons close enough to understand their problems and to find the solution. It is like the final try to make things better between relations.

the narration of the words of the husband to his wife, and the narration of the words of a wife to her husband (in a twisted form in order to bring reconciliation between them) as Divorce is strongly dislike by Allah, although DIVORCE is allowed in Islam when it is really impossible to live happily with each other after all efforts and patience. Islam encourages a married couple to give happiness to each other but when husband or wife tease each other, and create trouble intentionally, Islam allows divorce.

May ALLAH bless us all and help us all to understand the KEY of being a Good human. Ameen

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  6. What an interesting post about honesty and lying. I really don’t know anything about Islam (I am Christian). I appreciate that there is an exception to pure honesty for the greater good in the three reasons you explained. I don’t advocate lying, but I understand not telling everything for the sake of peace and reconciliation – a compromise between telling all truth and lying.

    • 🙂 Hey .
      Thanks alot for liking my post and for understanding Islam point of view. Christian and Muslims are not so different, We respect prophet Essa (a.s) and you named him Jesus. So we have so many things in common.

      And if we remain in connection then you could know more things about Islam, though i am not a very good Muslim as they should be and must be.But i write alot regarding Islam.

      Thanks alot
      May Allah bless you and your family.ameen

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  10. As a Pagan I don’t believe in the concept of sin as such. However I believe in honour and honesty is a key factor of that. Honesty must start with truth to self and being true to self and those in your intimate circle and that takes courage. Even honesty carries a price of consequence and sometimes that price may be too high, sometimes it pays to be cautious with the truth and who we reveal it to.

    Blessed be my friend, an interesting post

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