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Daily Prompt: Do you Believe in Magic?

by Krista on January 1, 2014

You have been transformed into a mystical being who has the ability to do magic. Describe your new abilities in detail. How will you use your new skills?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us ENCHANTMENT.



 It is a very dark and silent night, cold weather is freezing me, but I have to do this tonight, it is the moment I was waiting for many months. It is 11:50 P.M but my parents and siblings are still awake watching a wedding movie and eating dry fruits. 

When will they go to their bedrooms? When will they sleep?  I don’t want to lose this golden chance tonight…. At any cost I have to do this. Arrr (My tension can be seen clearly on my face and eyes)

Mother: What’s wrong with you Afsheen? Are you ok daughter?

Me:  Hmmm yes ame (Mother) I am fine… There is nothing wrong… I am ok  hehehe I m ok … and I rubbed my hands and felt my face sweating in this cold weather.

Clock Bangs… Tung Tung Tung….. 12:00 A.M

Anxiously waiting…. For the time…. 12:32 A.M

And one by one everyone went to bed. I waited in my bed for few more minutes and then picked my bag and quietly come out of home. I was praying and asking ALLAH to help me again as HE always does.

I still remember that mysterious day when the most astonishing thing happened to me.

April 2013: I was sitting on a beach alone when I saw an old couple moving towards the shore and they kept moving towards the deep sea. I was worried about them. First I thought they will stop at the safe point but when I felt they are not going to stop , I ran to them , shouted to stop them, the sea waves were so harsh that day, I grabbed the couple from the back and shouted on them in anger. They turned but I couldn’t even saw their faces and in a spark they were gone. Vanished … I was shocked and frightened, I moved back to shore as fast as I could go, and a new shock was ready for me. That old couple was standing in front of my car, smiling and staring me. I was so afraid that I start crying in fear.  They were coming closer to me; they were like flying in the air. I lost control on my nerves and I fainted. When I wake up I was at my home and my family was so worried. I wanted to tell them what happened but could not speak a word about those moments. Doctor tranquilized me and I slept again. I saw a dream that night, which turned into reality and changed everything and the old couple said to me. Dear Daughter we were going to our home that day but you thought we are in danger and you jumped into sea , even the waves were so rude that day,you put yourself in danger for us ! Your intention was good and sincere for us, we liked that spirit that’s why we want to gift you this. They gave me something but I couldn’t see what?? And when I woke up, I have a ring in my hands.

Pooonnnnnnn… Pooooonnn pooooonnnnnnn … (Truck horn)

 aahhh this loud truck horn… and I came back to real world from my thoughts. I was going to the secret meeting and tonight I will use this power, my magic ring to save my country. I see the wrist watch and its 1:20 A.M. I am almost there. My destination!! Mughal Palace!

This Club is for elite class, where a person like me could never go. Tonight many politicians, business tycoons and people ruling major departments of my country are going to have a secret meeting. Prime minster and the opposition leader, along with all other major politicians are present here, though they say harsh words for each other in the day light, and the innocent public believes in what they say. These politicians who spread hater in day light are dancing with each other in the darkness of light. Their acts bring darkness to the common man, and they lighten up their big houses and businesses on our dreams, rights and money.

The guards and police are allotted on different points, the checking is so strict, but why should I care? I easily crossed the entrance and no one noticed me.

THANKS to this magical ring… I am invisible to everyone!!!  No one can see me or anything which is in my hand or body.

I am happy that my month’s effort will be finally fruitful tonight. I have been tracking these soul eating blood drinkers since months.

When I get this ring I was very excited, initially I was just using this power in fun way, teasing my friends and family, eating pizza for free, secretly looking the test papers when teachers are preparing them, etc etc. But one day I was watching news on television when I heard that government got a huge amount from World Bank as a loan, and it will be a great hope for us, as this money will be invested in to energy and power sector. This money will be awarded to Chief Minister in a huge conference, which was luckily in my city. I admire that person, as he is an honest man and down to earth, I suddenly got an idea to use my power and I went to the conference to see him closely. I sit behind the minister and heard his every single word. AND I WAS SHOCKED. They were happy because they got money to hide in their banks again, not because of helping the people by improving the energy and power sector.

My eyes were full of tears that day; that minister was my ideal just before few minutes. I was excited to see him, to feel his words which were so warm and motivated; they burn flames of patriotism in my heart and the millions of people heart’s, but that day… My heart was broken.

Since that day I go to every place which is in my reach and these Black sheep’s are present. I start recorded every single word of them and I helplessly heard them each night. I remain in tension always and my parents asked me… What is wrong? And I said NOTHING….. And my heart says… NOTHING IS RIGHT MOTHER AND FATHER.. NOTHING!! MY COUNTRY IS RUNIED BY THE POEPLES WHO EARNED RESPECT, FAME AND MONEY FROM THIS LAND.

…..… Ha Ha Ha Ha ha ha …( Loud and cruel laughs) Laughs hits my mind and shakes me to remain alert on this last and final mission.

Tonight these RICH POLITICAINS are going to divide the amount equally in all parties. Even the head of major departments, are present here. So that no one will ask or investigate the matter. Everyone is happy because tonight their balances will be increased. I bring a video camera with me and I will shot everything, and the times come, they went to a big lounge where the major human eaters are present only. I bring out the camera from my bag and start shooting. I recorded every single action and word, how they hug each other? Congratulating each other? Drinking and dancing? How they hold their brief cases and how they were selling the nation… my tears were falling continuously but I have to control myself, I have to record everything till they get tired and this show of wild animals will be over.

….5:00 A.M…. I HEARD THE FAJAR PRAYER… ALLAH IS GREAT. ALLAH IS GREAT…and yes HE IS GREAT!! My eyes are full of tears… But this time with happiness tears.

I rushed back to home and offer my Fajar( early morning) prayer.

Now I have to make copies of this whole film I shot and I spend the whole day in this activity.

And the next morning I wear my ring and pick the CD’s and went to Assembly hall. Where I secretly put the CD in each politician office, then I went to their residence and put the CD on their side tables with a note… HONESTY, FAITH AND HARD WORK.OTHERWISE…YOU ARE GONE NOW.

And the fun thing which I was waiting since months starts. One by one all of the politicians get this CD which was a shock for them, their bad acts are now recorded and they don’t know who did this, how, when and why… but the one thing is clear.. IF THEY WILL NOT FOLLOW THE RULE OF HONESTY, FAITH AND HARD WORK.THEY WILL BE GONE. Many of the politicians discussed the matter with each other but they realized the situation is much more serious, some politician’s starts yelling…I am not afraid. I will see you who ever you are?? And for such leaders, you know what I did? I slapped them on their faces and with a bold voice said… I WILL KILL YOU IF YOU DIDNTFOLLOW THE RULE, IF I CAN SHOT THIS SECRET MEETING THEN I CAN DO ANYTHING….I AM NOT HUMAN… I AM JINN (ghost)… and those politicians’ cries and asked for forgiveness.

NEXT DAY …. Everything is changed…

NEXT MONTH…people felt the change.

NEXT YEAR…whole World felt the Change….

AFTER 5 years… We change the WORLD!!!


The motto of every single party in my country J

Thanks to my Magic ring.

Thanks to that old couple. Where ever you are… I am always thanks full.


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