I am not Lost


In life we faces so many changes and gone through so many transitions, so many phases that seems unbelievable for us to face and handle, but some how we do, we all do! Happily or sadly.. we have to…

Birth to death… black to white… day to night… childhood to elderly… 1000’s of losses… many of us resist all these shocks , few could not manage to live their life as they were living before , and few loses themselves after their lost. They just lose their hopes and urge to live life.

I have faced many hard times also when i have to give up or let go or lose, but manage to survive all. After every loss i sit alone for a while and think what really happens? what went wrong?  Am i not good enough to have this ? …. but after hours, days, weeks , or sometimes months i stand up again with all the strength and hope.

One of the recent loss was my miscarriage. First time , it was like hell, burning my soul , i was all broken up , because we were so happy , but we could not make it. It took me a month to realize that Allah has something better for me. Allah then my husband, and my family supported me and i realize things gradually. I hope and pray that we ( me and my husband ) will have this blessing one day.

All i believe in is, Love, that brings care, respect, support , kindness, and will power. Love gives me strength to live and live happily.

Thanks Allah for all his blessings.

I love this picture and have this on my office desktop for many days. I want to share it here.


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  5. I am sorry for your loss. I would like to share my personal experience with you? My parents have lost their first child, a girl. Stillborn. They have adopted my brother and 8 months after him I came along. So, yes, we continue to look to the future. And keep the faith.

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  10. You are strong heart lady. Inshallah you will get more than you deserve one day… Our prayers are with you. You will get reward of your losses in Jannah.. May Allah Bless you..

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  12. Big hugs, my Sister. I know that many people don’t understand the enormity of losing a hoped-for baby, no matter how far you were in your pregnancy, so my prayer for you and your dear husband will be that you are comforted in your loss and know that many of us *do* feel your sorrow. And I pray also that you’ll find joys of all kinds that make the sorrows of life easier to bear, whatever they are. Blessings to you both.

    • Thank you so much Kathryn, i am blessed with so much prays and love at WordPress.. i never thought to have so many wonderful friends here.
      I was busy in home renovation and still sitting out of my room 🙂 .. so much to share and talk , but inshaAllah later 🙂

      Love and hugs Sister.

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