Always Blessed !


Today’s Daily Prompt topic is :

Was there a toy or thing you always wanted as a child, during the holidays or on your birthday, but never received? Tell us about it.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us DESIRE.



I read this topic and i start thinking… thinking … thinking and thinking….. But i could not think of one single thing that i desired when i was a child.No Toy , Nothing at all.

I was a very calm and peaceful child , i never cried or insisted for anything, my parents always tried their best to provide us everything we needed and asked them. So i was a child who is always blessed and still blessed and will be INSHA-ALLAH.

But if it comes to a feeling, there was one thing that i had gone through when i was a school going child.One wish that arose in my heart sometimes was to gain a little weight , as i was a very skinny  and tall girl ( though i am not fat even now), my school fellows make fun of me on that time and i hate that thing. I wanted to stay away from all those taunts and comments. This feeling comes when ever i heard some comments and then it vanished, gone like it never existed. I believe that this complex was not never kept with me for long and it was failed to hurt me because of my parents love and support.They always trusted me and loved me as i am the most beautiful and strongest child of the world, and they still do, Thanks them and above all Allah for blessing me with kind parents.

I think, that i am always a person who don’t desire much and i thanks Allah for making me such a person. It is good to desire less, wish less , and leave everything on Allah. Just give your best shot for whatever comes into your life and keep your intention pure and kind for yourself and everyone else.

Allah will shower all his blessing on us. Ameen

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  1. While I am evangelic on the paper, I am not that much religious…. only on the paper. But anyway I respect every belief. It looks like you are muslim and it seems that we both still have a very similar way of thinking. We should not desire so much. People should be much more happy about the “being here” and about the fact that we can enjoy our time together. 🙂 We have a very similar viewpoint. 🙂 I like your opinion.

    • First i want to thanks you to like my view and post. Secondly , yes i am Muslim and i try my best always to obey the rules of Islam but humans make mistakes and so do i. May Allah forgive me.
      I am happy that we have the same point of view.
      Take care and have fun

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  3. It is indeed a blessing to be able to ignore and recover from being bullied. I wish that many more could do so, and with such grace. I hope we’ll one day find ways to help other children who struggle with being taunted or tormented; it seems possible to me that in doing so we might help to raise generations better able to understand, make peace with and respect one another throughout their lives. In any case, I am so happy for you that you had the strength within and the support of loving, faithful family to carry you above and beyond such things and grow into such a happy adult!
    Continued blessings,

    • Yes Kathryn , i do know few people in my life that are still under their old and useless complexes. I don’t know what would be the reason behind this but with the will power and inner strength we can get rid of any thing which is NOT GOOD for us. And i believe family , friends and people who cares for your smile are the most important factors which can take you to the better place and position.

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