Life is beautiful !


Today’s topic is very good in it’s own way. It makes me so excited to share everything that touches my heart. I wanted to write so much but words will may be not enough to describe what i feel living my Life.  My Parents and family are most precious to me. Their all prayers ,support, love  and kindness  touch my heart and life every single day. Thanks Allah for giving me a blessed Life.

There is a list of things but i will share only few this time 🙂

Texture of  Red Bricks attracts me a lot, especially when they are washed and wet.




Texture of Rain Drops on the glass window is the most romantic feeling.



Texture of Sand ( I am standing on a 3 way track , in Cholistan Desert, Pakistan)



Texture of Clouds



Texture of Henna



Nature Touches me , satisfy my mind and heart , Allah is the biggest and only Creator for such a beautiful world and this whole Universe.

Neelam Valley , Kashmir, Pakistan



Grass hopper



A very Historic and very Special Tree for me 🙂



Mall Road in Lahore, Pakistan



Smell of Wet soil and Food 🙂 i can’t resist


Touch of Running Water under feet


………….Touch of a baby



And above all ….. 🙂  We , me and my husband



These all pictures were taken by me , except the red brick one. This  picture was  taken by my younger sister.

May ALLAH always shower his blessing on me , my family , friends and you.

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  3. These pictures are so beautiful, and it is nice to see so much of your world. How beautiful that you have such a wonderful family and so many blessings in your life.

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  7. Two amazing posts. In read them in order, first the text, then the pictures. The questions which first arose were answered by the photos. Do you believe that visual images hold the answers to our questions? And now I think, for some reason, you have composed a song, mournful yet joyous. Yes, amazing posts.

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