Necessaties – Oh Now i Realised


Today’s topic is really Interesting 🙂

So, let me close my eyes for a while and imagine how will i survive in Deserted island? What things should i keep with myself, if it’s planned? ( As WordPress -Cheri Lucas Rowland’s wish 😛 ) or What things we should keep with us specially when we are traveling or going to some adventure?

Arrr — where am i ? —— Image

Damn my brain —-  Wrong turn of Brain again huh—-


Okay — I m closing my eye’s again …..

Good — Now i am on the Right Place ( Not really right 😦 , i am saying this just because of WordPress)



So, this is what Deserted island actually is !

Well, really the first thought came into my mind was desert, but later i realized what we are talking about today.

I realized something very important because of WordPress today , What are the basic necessities for me 🙂 i never think in this way ever.

1. My Holy Book (Qur’an) ,I think in such a lonely place , i will definitely read and understand it more and i will feel myself more close to Allah.

2. A first aid kit.(Large one)

3. A lighter and Match box as well ( Is this count as 1 item :P)

4. A Sharp Knife.

5. My Family Pictures and a Dairy ( again 2 items 😦 ) ..okay a dairy to write which already have a pen, pencil and my family picture 😀

Well , Thats all about me 😀


By the way i do know many people who survived for days, months or even years on deserted islands. The way they respond to this life time experience ( UN-wanted though) is amazing. If they lose their hopes and stop struggling , they could have die.

Finally, a salute to all such survivors !!

May Allah bless us all.



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  3. I tried to squeeze in more than 5 items, too, by using bags and a backpack. I wanted to bring paper and pen, too, but I felt like I exceeded my necessities!

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  7. I would like to have a “How to survive on a desert island” book. You know !! With three coconuts and a palm tree you can make a 5 star hotel with pool 😉 hehe.

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  9. Sister Afsheen! Good to hear from you that you mentioned in your list of first five the “My Holy Book (Qur’an)” & “Allah”. I am very glad to read it. Closely related to your this choice, I shall comment as:
    People are using English words God, Lord etc, never spoken and heard by blessed Jesus. We Muslims use Arabic word Allah spoken and heard by blessed Muhummad. The name Allah seems to be strange to non-Muslims and Christians but this name has been used by all Prophets since Adam until Muhammed (pbuh). It is a contraction of the two Arabic words Al -Ilah, i.e. The God. By dropping-the letter “I” you will find the word Allah. According to its position in an Arabic sentence it can have the form “Allaha” that is close to the Hebrew name of the Creator, i.e. Eloha. The Jews are using the plural form of respect when they say “Elohim”. (in the eastern languages there are two types of plural: one is of numbers and the other is of respect).The word “Allaha” sounds closer to the Aramaic word for God used by Blessed Jesus, namely “Allaha” (see Encyclopedia Britannica 1980 under Allah and Elohim). So while the name Allah is strange to non-Muslims/Christians, it is not strange to all Prophets from Adam to Muhammed (pbuh) as they propagated in principle the same Islam, i.e. total submission to ALLAH.

    Quran: Surah/Chapter 002 – Al-Baqarah. Verse 136.
    Say (O Muslims): We believe in Allah and that which is revealed unto Us and that which was revealed unto Abraham, and Ishmael, and Isaac, and Jacob. and the tribes, and that which Moses and Jesus received, add that which the Prophets received from their Lord. We make no distinction between any of them, and unto Him we have surrendered.

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