All gone leaving ONE !


What a topic today !!

Tell us about a time you found out after the fact that you’d been mistaken and you had to eat a serving of humble pie.

Really its soul shaken…

33 Years of my Life , i wanted to become a person who pray 5 times a day , who recite Quran daily , Who speak true and deny every lie and false. Who lives a life – like a True Muslim. Sometimes i perform all the basic practices of Islam and sometimes i fail. But thanks Allah, that HE Almighty Allah is the most kind and helpful for us, prefer our judgment on OUR DEALING WITH HUMAN BEINGS rather than Preaching HIM only. Namaz (Prayer 5 times a day), Fasting, Reciting Quran only are not enough to be a MUSLIM.

But sad – very sad, I am neither a PERFECT HUMAN nor MUSLIM.

There is a list of such Moments when I felt I was mistaken. But Thanks Allah none of them was so serious or damaging that makes me feel regret still. They were all the mistakes which a learner can done while learning the lesson which life has to taught us.

One such regrets I have which is not painful now because it makes us (I and my sister) laugh NOW. I remember when I was 16 years old , My eldest sister was 10 years old , she gifted me a Dark Brown bear with a pen on my birthday (First time ever), and bought the same for herself which was White in color and more cute than brown. I took the gift and said; “You bring better for yourself I don’t need this gift and thrown it away” She gets angry and may be hurt also said: “I gifted this bear to you because I liked it for you’’ … She lefts in anger and I realized what I have done!! …….. It was BAD until I make things better again with my sister.

One day, I had a hard talk on some issue with my mother and I left home in early morning for work without having breakfast which she made for me and I hit the door hard and left. But all the way to factory and then during work I was ashamed of my act and I didn’t concentrate on work at all. I was guilty on my behavior, I came back home and sit with my mother, didn’t said sorry but she knew I m sorry and she smiled. Mothers are blessings and May Allah blesses all mothers.

And a list like these goes on….. But I am lucky that I m blessed with everyone love and respect even I sometime don’t deserve.

I believe, we stop regretting the moment as soon as we apologize and forgiven by the person who we hurt the most in the whole situation.

But yes I still have one, why I didn’t met My Husband in a very early age. I can be a very better person if I get marry with him when I was 20. I know after marrying him I am a much better human being.


Thanks Allah for all his blessing HE showers on me always.

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  1. Very beautiful post. This kind of mistakes happen with me too (or may be with others) but we realize after calming down. This is our anger or saitan that make us to do so.

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