A New Chapter with a big thought !


Today I had a wonderful visit to an art school and a local market with my Mother in law.

After 57 days, since I left my job I traveled in any local transport and for a very first time with my Mother in law which is an unique experience itself :). She paid all the fares of van, bus and then auto and I traveled with her like a child who just enjoy the journey by looking around, smiling and had fun. I really enjoyed my dependence on her. (For my waggish friends, answer in advance: No it’s not because she pays the money everywhere ;)).

She was taking me to the place where I always wanted to go, A place where I could enhance my Artistic Ability.( I think I have – I will find out soon ).

Here take a look. Embroidery done by me is evidence that I know a lil bit of ART.


SANATZAR, Social Welfare Department, City District Government, Lahore… phewwwww finally!!  First view of this building from outside was like, serious teachers all boring routine classes, issuance of certificate and THE END but as I entered inside it was like a whole new world, “a whole new BIG GIRLS world”…

Hurray I am back to my fun days 🙂 this was my second but very instant thought. Girls and Women of all ages from 15 to 50 were busy around there in work, having fun, some of them were eating one of my favorite snacks (Chicken roll) which I used to eat almost daily when I was studying and my first aim is to eat that chicken roll as soon as I get there. My happiness is clearly visible from my face, that’s what I felt in my Mother in law eyes who helped and supported me to reach here.

As I approach reception area it was clearly evident that it’s not just an ART SCHOOL it’s something way more I was expecting. On the information desk a lady provides me the form and prospectus which has a complete details but in short It’s an INSTITUTION which has completed its 39 years with an objective to enhance the potential, ability and strength of women by converting them from dead into social capital. This institutes provide training in 100 skill courses and then help them to start small businesses , several NGO’s , Police department are also involved in the welfare work with this institute. And guess what??? The form cost only 20 Rupees and Admission fee starts from 100 Rupee only. Man that’s so affordable!!

Take a look at the form, the language used is URDU and its Pakistan’s National language.


And yeah I am going to take 2 courses, one is cutting and sewing as I am tired of giving so many amounts to tailors 😉 and second one is Art and Craft.  That means so many new stories and art pieces are coming your way.

While coming back home Aunty (Mother in law) stops at local market near our home for buying vegetables. My Mother in law is a very old resident of this area and most of the shop keepers knows her well and show respect to her by giving her quick response. Today I see the proof also.

A lady reached to the vegetable shop on the same time when we reached there but the seller man quickly turn to my mother in law and start weighing the vegetables she want to buy. On that time the lady standing over the other side of stall said a funny thing in a taunting way which I could not resist to share, she said: “Oh hello hello!! how quickly you are weighing the potatoes for her , if people are in that much rush and want to buy so much  vegetables then they must call from home and book there vegetables, I am standing here but no one is bothering to see me” .




(Translation In Punjabi language : Aye haye inni chatii chatii allo toolee ja ray ho ..inni chatii hondi aay lokaan noo tay ghero phone ker k saman ready kera liya kero , athay aa ker chayti chayti apna kaam kera liya , asee kadun dey kheray aan ). I never knew that people could be so impatient even while buying vegetables. Funny but later it raises some questions in my mind.

Why we are so impatient now? Our society and our global issues are full of stories where intolerance and restiveness create troubles, disputes, negative arguments violence and even wars.

Why we are not following the Islamic practices of Patience and equality, even knowing them very well? (Being a Muslim, this is the key practice which we must follow). I know it’s a big issue to debate on. That’s why I am just sharing this Quran verse to express what I feel and what I have been taught always.

And give good news [of Allah’s rewards] to those who are patient. (Quran , Surah Al-Baqra 2: 155)


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  1. wah miss ji
    ap sanat zar i;-)
    miss ji mjhy mehndi ni lgae ap ny ;-(
    apki artistic activity ki aik adad fan hu mai b … plz consider dt

  2. Indeed, patience (and selflessness, generosity and tolerance) are among the highest and most precious instructions taught in *any* of the major religions–no matter what name God/Allah goes by in what language, the expectation is the same. We should *all* learn to be better at this behavior. 🙂 I love your explanation of it here!

    And I wish you great joy and growth in your artistic studies!

  3. great article, It is always good to see that people can share good times together (we all know the mother in law jokes right). I think your embroidery looks great. Hope to see some more soon 🙂

    Peace be with you my friend 🙂

  4. I am so glad to see you are doing some things you love for classes!! I really enjoy hearing about your life and our connection… Make sure you see my new web page a5dangel.com as this link only has my wordpress page that I started with… Much love to you my friend Heart to Heart Robyn

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