10 Stars !!


10 Stars !!

I am glad to see this 10 STAR rating of my Blog but really i do not know who rated this and how 🙂 but it is making me so excited and happy 🙂

Hey Mr. Ralph , Sally , Nia , wigginwordsandimages , The culture monk , Christina anyone could you please help me ?

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  1. Hi Afsheen,
    This means a WordPress Trophy of 10 likes.
    Go into the Reader (as in the photo). Rest your cursor on the white/grey figure in the blue bar at the top. Scroll down to My Trophies and click. Hope that helps. 😀

    • Yes i looked that Mr. Ralph. Day before yesterday i got 5 star now 10 🙂 .. and it is making me glad . Automatic messages obviously by word press, but why and when they generate these trophies ?

      Anyway , how are you feeling now ?

      • Everyone gets the trophies when they reach certain levels. it’s not a competition, just a reminder of what’s happening in your blog.
        I am a bit better tonight thank you and I hope you are having a lovely week 😀

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