Jobless but RELAX !! :)


Since I left my job after 10 years…10 long years, I am experiencing some very unique moods of life which probably was not possible without being JOBLESS!!!


30th September 2013 , was my last working day, I was happy and relaxed, since the day I resigned (Surprisingly though) and was enjoying every bit of my last working month, but my family ,colleagues and friends were bit worried, they were not kind of totally against or agreed with my decision. Probably they were feeling that I resigned JUST LIKE THAT when it’s not REQUIRED… or maybe they want me to switch to the better place and not to quit all of the sudden… or maybe they just don’t like me WASTING MY TIME… Whatever was the reason, but one thing was quite sure, they just want me to be HAPPY!! At any cost 🙂

My first day at home was started by the thought that “It’s going to be a hard day”, with all those house hold chores like cleaning, washing, cooking, and above all (as per my some friends strong opinion) it will be real tough to cope with in laws and all. I have a good relation with my in laws but obviously I didn’t spend much time with them because I get back to my job again after my 15 days wedding leaves, and since then it was like few hours with them, and on Sundays I remained busy in managing my cloths washing, ironing, cooking so I was like WORKING MACHINE, Monday to Saturday in factory and Sunday at home.

But Now, I’m at home 24 hours :D… and guess what????  I realized that it’s not so bad at home within the first week .My mother in law is quite simple but straight forward lady, She herself buy the grocery, vegetables and everything that is required at home and she is helpful also, and we both turned out to be a good friends, which surprised my those particular friends who were scaring meJ but it was a great relief for me also as I experienced some bad things about in laws when I was working, but it could be because of lack of communication and understanding which we were missing due to my long working hours.

In the second week I realized that there is NOTHING much to do at home after cooking and cleaning… and as the month passed every household chore was on my finger tips, It takes me only 3-4 hours to complete all the major task at home and Finally I realized that oh my God I am mostly free !!!!

………………………… and then I wander here and there, there and here …..

And it goes on …. Until I thought to … WRITE 😉 actually WRITE AGAIN and WRITE ONLINE!! …

I used to post very occasionally on word press, I created this blog on May 2008 but never really write here and continue writing in my personal dairy only. And I am going to blame my Job for this: D… I finally get rid of my MACHINE LIFE may be for few more days or may be for few months , don’t know exactly, I still feel that may be someday I will wake up with the thought that I WANT A JOB, I will start  missing analysis of drugs, rejecting and releasing process 😉 ..Nobody knows … but RIGHT NOW … I am free and I am free to do whatever I want.


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  1. Sometimes to be at home and to feel free is a wonderful thing… but then you begin to miss to have something to do. You are a very young lady, and I am sure in time you will get again another job and be happy again…. With my best wishes… Thanks and Love, nia

    • 🙂 yup may be someday i will get back to my professional life but right now i just want to enjoy my life. I had experienced some health issues few months back and now i get a chance to have some rest and enjoy to get back to my full strength.
      but you neva know 🙂 anyway ..thx for nice wishes 🙂

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