Zuljinah – The Horse of Imam Hussain Ibn-e-Ali (A.S)


Zuljinah is purchased by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) when Hussain ibn-e-Ali (A.S) his grandson was just a child.

In the battle of Karbala, Hussain Ibn-e-Ali (A.S) used the horse and went to the battlefield. According to a collection of Hadith, Zuljianh on its own killed 60 enemies of Hussain Ibn-e-Ali (A.S) in the Battle of Karbala.

It is also believed that Zuljianh wept in sorrow of Hussain Ibn-e-Ali (A.S) martyrdom, weeping a single tear.

After the martyrdom of Hussain Ibn-e-Ali (A.S), Zuljianh went to the camps of Zaynab bint-e- Ali (S.A) and then went to the Euphrates river never to be found again.


Present day, Zuljinah replica’s are the most important part in any processions of Muharaam. I am sharing pictures of the Zuljinah Replica’s from different countries.

  • Zuljinah Shabeeh (Replica) NEW YORK, USAImage
  • Zuljinah of LONDON , UNITED KINGDOMImage
  • Zuljinah Shabeeh in BANGLORE, INDIAImage
  • Shabeeh-e-Zuljinah , ALLAHBAD , INDIAImage
  • Zuljinah of HAZARA, PAKISTANImage
  • Zuljinah , KARACHI, PAKISTANImage
  • Zuljinah, HYDERABAD, PAKISTANImage

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    • Yes , these horses are very special Mr. Ralph . We keep these horses (Zuljinah) in special stables, we don’t ride these horses. They are beautifully arranged as a replica of Imam Hussain (A.S) horse who was present in the battle of karabla. I really don’t have any idea that do you know about this or not , but if you like to know then i will definitely going to tell you.
      anyway Thanks for liking and visiting back again 🙂

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