Are we doing right ?



What i am going to share here is very common, and we all know this happens but as soon as we get awared and realized what actually we are doing is a horrible feeling !

I daily go to work and see differnet sign boards , bill boards , many pamphlet and advertisments sticked on the walls , Chalkings etc etc  a very common thing in our country. But few days ago i saw this chalking on walls ..

LABAIK YA RASOLL ALLAH ! i was not happy because every one is just walking around this like its something very usual and about a very common person .. Like its NAOZOBILLAH not about our PROPHET MUHAMMAD (SAW) .. Peoples were reading it and went away without feeling what it says and what message it gives ? and why its on THIS WALL ..  these RESPECTABLE AND NOBEL names are written on many walls these days , becuase of EID MILA DUL NABI  and Moharam ul haram just passed.

Is this a good practice ? the name Muhammad (pbuh) is a person for whom This world is created ! without him Islam is not islam and we are not muslims .. is this right to write his name on walls like this ..

Not only this .. another very shameful thing i observed was..

Name of  Hazart Bibi Zainab SA is written on the national highway walls . peroples who live in lahore and went to multan road onwards to thokar can easily agree with me that peoples jumped over the wall between two roads and this name is written on that wall ! HOW SHAME FULL !!!

Yazeed took Al e Rassol to bazars .. and what we are doing now ? We muslims are writting our BIBI name on roads and Walls Foot paths why ? WHY ? we are doing the same UN INTENTIONALLY as Yazzed and his Companions did  INTENTIONALLY ? are we doing right ? by writing these NOBEL NAMES ON ROADS , MARKETS , HIGHWAYS  where sinners like us are passing by without even noticing that they just jumped over or crossed the most nobel peoples names ??? ISNT THIS ABUSE ? ISNT THIS A SHAME FUL ACT ?

Please STOP this practice , islam dosent spread like this .. islam dont need such advertisment , Keep these names in HEARTs not on walls !


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