Liebster Award !


Hello Everyone,

I am glad to accept Liebster Award, by my fellow Blogger seikaiha @ I am glad and very thankful for this.

Thank you Seikaiha.


Here are the Rules

1. Post the award on your blog.

2. Thank the blogger who presented this award and link back to their blog.

3. Write 11 random facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserve this award and who have less than 200 followers.

5. Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter and ask your nominees 11 questions. 



I am lucky enough that my friend Seikaiha just asked me few questions and you can see them below.

Give just a small introduction of your blog or yourself.

My blog is about Phase between Dreams to Reality, Dream which I consider is Life (mortal) and Reality I consider is Life here after (Immortal).

Show us something you like around you or outside your place. Maybe you already know I like flower photos. But it’s your choice.

I love to see my Family and children (May Allah bless me with this), greenery, Cleanliness and organized things around me. It brings love and peace to me.

Tell us something about your favorite book(s) or authors. And I’d be very pleased if you talk about your favorite fantasy if you have that taste.

My favorite book is Holy Book QURAN. It has everything which one should know to live and for building better society.

Author of this book is Almighty Allah (The One and only) and it is send on Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w.) and He passed every single verse to all of his believers and save them by writing and by reciting it again and again (to keep them in believers heart).

The 3rd Caliph of Islam Hazart Usman gathered all the verses and shape them in a single book and saved it, and then spread it all over the Muslims in the world without a change in s single word. And it is our firm Believe that this book is still unchanged and it will be.

I also like creative people. Show us how you are creative!

This is one of my work, i create this rug by using old scarves.


This is done by using old tea cozy and old scarf.





  1. I love these posts of mine. I truly enjoyed them

  1. My First English poem I write.

  1. This is my first post when I left my Job and came back to Blogging.

  1. I have been blessed by so much love and these awards are the token of that love.










and the new one ..



5. The fifth thing about me , okay lets discuss about my Blog.












I hope you all enjoyed this and accept this award with the same love and respect i am giving you.

May Allah bless us all and our loved ones, ameen

Before I die.



  1. Perform Hajj and Ziyaraat (In Iran, Iraq and sham) with Parents and husband.
  2. Own my dream house.
  3. To be called as mama.
  4. Give people a reason to keep me in their hearts and prayers.
  5. Give smile on people faces around me.
  6. Have enough money to help needy people around me.


Some are also written in another daily prompt linked below.

Saturday Night


Saturday night?

Monday to Sunday… Same days and nights! But okay Saturday night is kind of special because my husband get free from work early and we could spend more time together, otherwise my whole week is also rocking Kool.

Though it was not like this always, just before 6 months my Saturday night was like a big lottery, and my reaction was like a biggggggggggggg shout and then calmness, and silence. When I was working I just rest on Saturdays, laying in a bed and watching a movie or some reality show on TV, having some fast food and that’s it. My Saturdays was so short and it was the beautiful time for me in the whole week. Sunday’s were too busy for me and even more hectic than whole week, because I have to handle all the household chores like washing clothes ,ironing , cooking , cleaning etc. etc.

And then I left job …

Life is so free now; really I have nothing to do except routine work, which doesn’t burden me when I do them daily, leaving job is beneficial for me at least in terms of rest and enjoying life a bit more, I am exploring life in more fun way now, reading and writing, art and craft is my favorite activity these days.

My new Saturday night is like, going for outing, watching movie, having special dinner, family gatherings and obviously replying to daily prompt.

May you all have a wonderful Saturday night.

May Allah bless you all and your loved ones. ameen

I am still 16 – OKAY 85%


“Keep a diary, and someday it’ll keep you.”

- Mae West

What a saying, Today daily prompts, forced me to open my diary when I was 16. I bring it out and start reading. I read it for about 1 hour and just forget why I brought it out from my old bag.

My diary, kept me, preserved me in my sixteen very well. I smiled and get sad also while reading the random pages. Okay let’s say I am 85% still like 16 years old Afsheen, Surprisingly though! And I am glad that the lost 15% was not worth enough to keep at all.

I had taken some clicks from my diary, I want you all to meet the 16 years old Afsheen by yourself!



Allah is always with me, I write notes like these often.




 I love Pakistan

I can’t see anything losing by Pakistan, whether it is in any sport, politics, or the people of Pakistan. I want to see my country with great power of Unity, Faith, Discipline and Love. I can just honestly do what is in my share and only PRAY FROM ALLAH.



Wagee ( Wajeeh my nephew son) , Family and Friend(s)



I want to visit , It has a huge list including Malaysia, Maldives, Mexico, Nepal, Philippines, Singapore, Spain , Srilanka, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, UK, USA, Vietnam ( On this page, I have left the first page because it will be much lengthier then ) and second thing it says is, I want to live in PAKISTAN only :) that is what written.

*Sorry for bad blur photo.



May Allah bless all of us :) ameen



Okay :) Cartoons , I use to watch Thunder cats, Camp candy , Smurfs , Tom and Jerry ( which i still love)

It also says, Abu( Father) cooked chicken which tastes good but looks bad :) and i added in URDU for this

“See the beauty of soul not the looks.”




Achieve your dreams, A successful life is a real life , I don’t need artificial life.




I draw this for my Brother and Mother, Their hobbies with their zodiac signs.




This was me , and This is me !

May Allah bless us All, Ameen

This post is written in response to daily prompt.


The Best Garment


This post is written in response to



O children of Adam, we have provided you with garments to cover your bodies, as well as for luxury. But the best garment is the garment of righteousness. These are some of God’s signs, that they may take heed. (7:26)




Fly with Blu – RIO 2


-         Are we really going to watch RIO 2 3D Movie:-o

~ Yes, we are at 6:00 P.M

-         Man, I’m really excited to watch 3D movie for the very first time: D…


Yes, I experienced 3D movie first time and the cinema 2nd time: P, I have never been to cinema before getting married. (And now I ask myself why ..? huh)

Okay coming back to RIO 2, Blu with his all technology and city life: D.


Along with his beautiful family , Jewel and kids.

Amazon king PAPA, SIR.


Wow… what a wonderful treat for my eyes and mind. Experiencing this movie in 3D is much more fun.

I love the poisonous lovely pink frog Gabi, and her love with Nigel, how passionate and desperate.


The Character of Gabi’s look so beautiful and unique in terms of her colors.


The most fun parts were, Auditions in Amazon jungle, performance of Turtles, Koala bear, Mosquito’s every single bit was superb fun.

I also loved the part where Blue parrots celebrate the family union in amazon jungle; it was impressive and delightful to watch.

 And the most logical and wise saying in movie was:

Happy Wife, Happy Life


The house (probably ladies only) laughs on this dialogue every time Blu said it, and Me, Yes I looked at my husband and repeat the dialogue: P with a smile on my face. Hehehe

What a wise saying  —- Happy Wife, Happy Life!

A wonderful Movie to watch, worth enough to go cinema :P


I was Nuts



My Third Rate Romance was kind of strange addiction which I get when I was a teenager.

I don’t remember exactly how it started but it goes on and on and it becomes a part of my life.

An addiction !

Living without it , was a total black out for me.

I know they (parents) warned me right,

I know it was not good for me, not fit for me at all

But…i couldn’t stopped.

And it started to show what It got finally

Pain, wounds, marks

I was fool to  think I am the one who was cutting it into pieces,

but that was the one who was sucking my blood and drying me out

giving me stains and marks so dark…but i couldn’t stopped.

until the day comes,

when It ate me all,

Dried my body and bring me down

gave me sick bed and showed what it really was.



I got jaundice due to this habit of eating Betel nut all the day, it really dried me out.

My father then showed me how this Betel nut sucks the liquid so quickly by placing it into a cup of water.

Next day I saw, the Betel nut absorbed the water and swell.

My father said: That’s how it takes your blood also.” ( It was horrifying for me)

That was the day, I left eating this nut and throw away this cutter also.



I want to Flow like a River




Forget all the rules

Forget about being published .

Write for yourself and celebrate writing.

~ Melinda Haynes ~


If my doctor told me I only had six minutes to live, I wouldn’t brood.

I did type a little faster.  ~ Isaac Asimov~